Become Super Saiyan – Plus Zenkai Boost – Subliminal Affirmations

Do you want to become a Super Saiyan? These subliminal affirmations use the power of your subconscious mind to upgrade your mind body and DNA to Saiyan level.

Listen at least twice a day until you get your desired results. Headphones are optional. This video helps you develop your abilities, it is up to you to master them. Be responsible and wise when testing your abilities, use at your own risk.

Super powers and abilities can take months to fully develop. Changes have to occur at the cellular level. Please give it the time and dedication necessary for complete transformation and development.

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Affirmations include:
I now safely develop and manifest Super Saiyan abilities.
My DNA safely changes and transforms to beneficially accept Saiyan power.
I safely accept and naturally infuse within myself the most beneficial gifts abilities traits and skills of the Saiyan race which enhance and improve my superior DNA mind body and form.
My body cells tissues DNA and genetic code are now being infused with the most beneficial upgrades and enhancements of beneficial Saiyan power.
I now ask my mind and body to safely personify the best qualities and attributes of the Saiyan race that beneficially complement my superior mind body and DNA.
I develop only the aspects of the Saiyan race that I desire to develop.
My body is now safely infused with immense beneficial Super Saiyan power.
I am an elite Saiyan warrior and have the most beneficial desirable DNA upgrades of the Saiyan warrior race.
I am fully in control over the Ki and Chi of my body and can safely increase Ki power at will.
I now safely develop and manifest Ki augmentation and Chi enhancement.
I am now always a master of Ki and Chi and channel it wisely to accomplish amazing feats.
I am now safely infused with a powerful Zenkai boost that upgrades every cell of my body.
I am now always a master Saiyan power.
My aura is now safely empowered with immense Ki energy and Saiyan power.
My Ki energy and Saiyan power safely increases every time I listen to these affirmations.
My Ki aura is now becoming stronger and more powerful every time I listen to these affirmations.
I safely master my Super Saiyan form making me more powerful than ever before.
I safely achieve the Super Saiyan state vastly improving upon my strengths.
I safely evolve into the Super Saiyan state.
I safely achieve the next state of Super Saiyan evolution.
I know that Super Saiyan is not only a legend but also my reality.
I safely become Super Saiyan and all my strengths are magnified while any weaknesses disappear.
I safely gain power as I achieve Super Saiyan state and evolve into an even higher state.
I am safely powerful enough to transform into the Super Saiyan state.
I safely transform into Super Saiyan as fast as safely possible.
I am like Vegeta and Goku and achieve the power of the Super Saiyan state.
I safely harness the power of the Super Saiyan state.
I safely meet the challenge of the Super Saiyan state and exceed it, achieving levels of power that were previously unknown.
I safely transform into the Super Saiyan state only to move on to previously unknown levels of power.
I safely transform into a Super Saiyan and continue on to higher and higher Saiyan levels.
I safely achieve the first level of Super Saiyan knowing that I shall advance to the higher levels over time.
I safely instinctively transform into my Super Saiyan form when great need appears.
I safely intuitively become my Super Saiyan form when the need to do so arrives.
I safely immediately transform into my Super Saiyan form when I am in dire need.
I safely immediately achieve the Super Saiyan level when I need it most.
I safely instinctively become Super Saiyan and evolve to higher levels as it is required to succeed.
I safely intuitively succeed in my quest and achieve the highest Super Saiyan levels.
I safely instinctively experience the massive increase in energy power and strength of the Super Saiyan level.
When I am in Super Saiyan form my power is safely increased to colossal amounts.
I safely instinctively harness the strength and power of the Super Saiyan level and defeat my enemies.
I safely instinctively defeat my enemies with ease as I harness Super Saiyan energy.
I safely intuitively master the Super Saiyan level and then surpass it as I master the advanced states of Super Saiyan.
My power safely multiplies as I transform into the Super Saiyan state.
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