Become Super Saiyan – Plus Zenkai Boost – Subliminal Affirmations

Do you want to become a Super Saiyan? These subliminal affirmations use the power of your subconscious mind to upgrade your mind body and DNA to Saiyan level.

Listen at least twice a day until you get your desired results. Headphones are optional. This video helps you develop your abilities, it is up to you to master them. Be responsible and wise when testing your abilities, use at your own risk.

Super powers and abilities can take months to fully develop. Changes have to occur at the cellular level. Please give it the time and dedication necessary for complete transformation and development.

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Affirmations include:
I now safely develop and manifest Super Saiyan abilities.
My DNA safely changes and transforms to beneficially accept Saiyan power.
I safely accept and naturally infuse within myself the most beneficial gifts abilities traits and skills of the Saiyan race which enhance and improve my superior DNA mind body and form.
My body cells tissues DNA and genetic code are now being infused with the most beneficial upgrades and enhancements of beneficial Saiyan power.
I now ask my mind and body to safely personify the best qualities and attributes of the Saiyan race that beneficially complement my superior mind body and DNA.
I develop only the aspects of the Saiyan race that I desire to develop.
My body is now safely infused with immense beneficial Super Saiyan power.
I am an elite Saiyan warrior and have the most beneficial desirable DNA upgrades of the Saiyan warrior race.
I am fully in control over the Ki and Chi of my body and can safely increase Ki power at will.
I now safely develop and manifest Ki augmentation and Chi enhancement.
I am now always a master of Ki and Chi and channel it wisely to accomplish amazing feats.
I am now safely infused with a powerful Zenkai boost that upgrades every cell of my body.
I am now always a master Saiyan power.
My aura is now safely empowered with immense Ki energy and Saiyan power.
My Ki energy and Saiyan power safely increases every time I listen to these affirmations.
My Ki aura is now becoming stronger and more powerful every time I listen to these affirmations.
I safely master my Super Saiyan form making me more powerful than ever before.
I safely achieve the Super Saiyan state vastly improving upon my strengths.
I safely evolve into the Super Saiyan state.
I safely achieve the next state of Super Saiyan evolution.
I know that Super Saiyan is not only a legend but also my reality.
I safely become Super Saiyan and all my strengths are magnified while any weaknesses disappear.
I safely gain power as I achieve Super Saiyan state and evolve into an even higher state.
I am safely powerful enough to transform into the Super Saiyan state.
I safely transform into Super Saiyan as fast as safely possible.
I am like Vegeta and Goku and achieve the power of the Super Saiyan state.
I safely harness the power of the Super Saiyan state.
I safely meet the challenge of the Super Saiyan state and exceed it, achieving levels of power that were previously unknown.
I safely transform into the Super Saiyan state only to move on to previously unknown levels of power.
I safely transform into a Super Saiyan and continue on to higher and higher Saiyan levels.
I safely achieve the first level of Super Saiyan knowing that I shall advance to the higher levels over time.
I safely instinctively transform into my Super Saiyan form when great need appears.
I safely intuitively become my Super Saiyan form when the need to do so arrives.
I safely immediately transform into my Super Saiyan form when I am in dire need.
I safely immediately achieve the Super Saiyan level when I need it most.
I safely instinctively become Super Saiyan and evolve to higher levels as it is required to succeed.
I safely intuitively succeed in my quest and achieve the highest Super Saiyan levels.
I safely instinctively experience the massive increase in energy power and strength of the Super Saiyan level.
When I am in Super Saiyan form my power is safely increased to colossal amounts.
I safely instinctively harness the strength and power of the Super Saiyan level and defeat my enemies.
I safely instinctively defeat my enemies with ease as I harness Super Saiyan energy.
I safely intuitively master the Super Saiyan level and then surpass it as I master the advanced states of Super Saiyan.
My power safely multiplies as I transform into the Super Saiyan state.
Plus MANY more affirmations listed in the comments section….


49 thoughts on “Become Super Saiyan – Plus Zenkai Boost – Subliminal Affirmations

  1. Mind Power FAQs Frequently Asked Questions –
    You need to be wise enough to stop or take a break if your mind or body feels overwhelmed. If you lack self-responsibility, then please do NOT use my videos. These videos can inspire deep and profound changes within your mind and body based on the affirmations. You are responsible for yourself, use at your own risk.

    Q. How does this work?
    A. Your subconscious mind is immensely powerful. These videos harness the power of your mind to help inspire changes to fulfill the affirmations listed in the video description. The voices speaking in the video are saying the affirmations.

    Q. What does this video do? Does it do this or that?
    A. Read the affirmations in the video description to see everything it does. The voices are saying the affirmations that are written in the video description.

    Q. What is in these videos?
    A. These videos are only voices saying the affirmations and music. You can see how I make them in my behind the scenes video –

    Q. How fast would I see results? How long does this take?
    A. If you listen at least twice a day it usually takes an average of 21 days to 3 months to experience NOTICEABLE CHANGES. How quickly it happens depends on the person.

    Q. I am a teenager (or under 18 years old) can I use this?
    A. If you are under 18 years old, get parental permission before using these videos. My videos are NOT designed for children, they are designed for adults.
    There are uncomfortable and sometimes painful side effects as your body transforms, you have to be wise enough to listen to your body to know the best course of action for you.

    Q. How can I speed up my results?
    A. For maximum change listen up to six times a day. I recommend using the Booster once per listening session –

    and Ask Permission once a week –

    Take care of yourself, if you feel like your mind or body are becoming overwhelmed, stop and take a break. Be wise and listen to your intuition.

    Q. Are the changes permanent?
    A. All beneficial and desirable changes are permanent, especially if you also use the Booster (since the Booster ensures change at the cellular level) –

    Permanent means the results won't disappear on their own, but they can be overwritten through your choices and habits. You are not a static being, your body is always in a state of change through your actions, thoughts, and emotions.

    Q. I am not feeling any sensations, is it still working?
    A. You do not have to feel any tingling or sensations for it to work.

    Q. English is not my language, does this work?
    A. This still works even if you don't speak English. Your subconscious mind understands all the affirmations.

    Q. Can I do other things while listening?
    A. You can multi-task while listening – play games, read, study, do homework, clean, cook, etc…

    Q. Can I listen in my sleep?
    A. Yes, you can listen while you sleep. Your subconscious mind is still very receptive at night. Just put the video on loop by right clicking it, or put it in a playlist set for repeat. Be careful not to overwhelm yourself, pay attention to your mind and body.

    Q. Does this video clash with that video?
    A. How to tell if one video clashes with another – Read the affirmations for each video and imagine they are already fulfilled and manifested. Are there any affirmations between them that would not work well together or that would overwrite each other? You can tell if they clash by finding out – Can both of these come true together without conflict with each other? If yes, they won't clash.

    Q. Can I listen to my subliminals all in a row? Do I need to take breaks?
    A. I add all the different videos I want to listen to in a playlist then put the playlist on repeat, so it plays each of them once then cycles back to the beginning to listen to all of them twice and so on. You don't need to take any breaks unless you are feeling overwhelmed. Pay attention to your mind and body, and be responsible for yourself.

    Q. How many videos can I have in my playlist?
    A. I recommend no more than 20 videos in your playlist, but that is just a guideline. Use your own intuition and wisdom to decide what works best for you, your body, and your schedule.

    Q. Can I listen to more than one video at a time?
    Listen to them back to back one after another and not simultaneously at the exact same time. If you listen to multiple videos at once it can cause voice confusion and misunderstanding in your mind, crisscrossing and mismatching the affirmations.

    Q. Is it normal to feel sleepy or tired when I listen?
    A. Yes, that is normal. It is from the parasympathetic nervous system response.

    Q. Do I need to understand what the voices are saying?
    A. The messages are for your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind does not need to understand what they are saying. If you want to know what they are saying, you can read the affirmations in the video description.

    Q. What can I do if the music is too uncomfortable to sleep to?
    A. You can turn down the volume until you hear the voices mumbling, just be sure you can hear them. You can also use a box fan to mask the voices. As long as you can clearly hear the voices before you turn on the fan, your subconscious will still be able to understand them.

    Q. Is it normal to have a headache from listening to this?
    A. A headache can be a sign of a blockage or of being overwhelmed. Use wisdom and self-responsibility to choose what is the best course of action to take.

    Q. What should I do if I am feeling any pain?
    A. Pay attention, take a break, and decide what is best for you. Don't overwhelm yourself. Please use wisdom and self-responsibility. If you cannot decide what to do for yourself, then do not use these videos. Be responsible, and take care of yourself.

    Q. Why do I sometimes feel negative emotions as I listen to my playlist?
    A. As people's bodies change they have emotions come up from deep within them. This is part of evolving, the old has to be cleared away and it is can be very uncomfortable. This is part of the process of transformation.

    Q. Are there other affirmations hidden in the videos?
    I only include what is written in the affirmations in the video description or added to the comments section. I don't add anything hidden. I always strive to be upfront about what you are getting, which is why I list my affirmations.

    Q. Do you use any magic or spells in your videos?
    A. No, I don't use any magic or spells in my videos. I do not promote any religion.

  2. i dont know if this is a sign that its working but i had a dream that i was fighting imperfect cell and i lost but it was a close battle thats all i can remember ill try to keep updated

  3. When You Say Plus Zenkai Boost Do you Mean We Will Have The Zenkai Boost Attainable when the right conditions are Met or is it that plus a zenkai boost to get a good initial start?

  4. Decided to share my result(s).
    Day 4: At 1:00 i tried to transform into False Super Saiyan with visualizing, and i think it worked. I opened my eyes and i saw my aura, it was very transparent, so it was hard to see. Also after some time i think i saw my hair turned reddish.
    Also my muscles on my arms and body increased, i fell more powerful.
    That's all results i got so far, i will update.

  5. So I'm looking for a challenge right now, a spar/fight. A True Martial Artist who can let me test my fighting skills and instincts. Any Saiyan, Human or any Martial Artist wanting to challenge me, locate me as my energy should be easy to find (I Live in Ireland). Here's some things you may want to know about me before we fight:

    Martial arts: I practice Jeet Kune Do and boxing, I tend to switch up forms during combat.
    I hate to say this but I have a low fighting experience…I mean I've had light spars but I need more full power fights, that's why I'm challenging warriors.

    Abilities: I possess Saiyan energy as well as Super Saiyan energy, neither I have mastered yet. Whether I may go Super Saiyan in the fight depends… although I'd rather just focus on fighting skill. I haven't mastered blasting so I'll be enhancing my attacks with ki.

    I'm 16, Almost 6'0. Black and I love fighting so I hope I can find warriors to spar with, peace out✌👊.

  6. I Would Not Recommend Aiming To Get Super Saiyan As Soon As Possible But Rather Getting Used To The Flow Of Ki Through Out Your Body What I Am Doing Right Now Is Trying To Get Used To The Ki After That Getting A Zenkai Boost Then Probably Learning How To Manipulate My Ki To Fly After I Can Fly I Will Probably Start Dedicating Myself to Training My Abilities Until They Are Mastered (Also On A Side Note You Have To Build Up S-Cells In Your Body Before You Can Go Super Saiyan)

  7. Hi I did this for 2 to 3 weeks and I quit for a mouth and going to do it in December. But quick question. Sometimes my hair feels like its sticking up do that mean its working???

  8. i think im starting to understand the feeling of super saiyan and how to transform i was visualizeing me slowly trasforming and after a wile i felt the really warm vibration around my body and i started to breath havly and stuff and almost all my hair sticked up it was crazy shoud i keep trying guys yes or no

  9. I tried the "tingly feeling in your back" and my muscles weren't bigger just more defined. That tingling in my back intensified as well.
    Edit: tried again and energy rushed across my body, My hair was not spread out.

  10. Every time I try to go ssj just in feel sparks around me and some strains of my hair lift up but after a while I get tired and everything stops day 2 of trying same things happened but my hair was about lighter I'm not gonna show me parents in till I'm a full sayian because I want them believing me the reason why I don't do it now it because my parents say I have a wild imagination and I go for the mythical route when I get in a conversation at least that's what my mom says so plz respond to my results of ssj and tell if it's good or bad

  11. It have been a couple of week of listening it.2 times a day.Here are some updates.Well i did n`t tried anything like if my stamina has increased or my strength is increased but i noticed one thing that when someone bully in school comes at me it just make me laugh and they seem nothing to me like short words big mouth.Also i want to start the fight between me and them but always my friends stop me and also i feel mu punches are becoming very strong.I was also able to do 20 push ups without getting tired before i was stuck on 9.Well that`s it i didn`t experienced any other results because i did not intended too.I am looking for fight.Here is the playlist of subliminal i listen:
    1.Ask Permission:once a week
    2.Affirmations Booster:once everyday
    3.Be the Ultimate Fighter:Twice a day
    4.Become a Saiyan: Twice a day
    5.Electrokinesis: Twice a day
    6.Immense Strength:Twice a day
    7.Super Natural learning:once a day(sometime miss it)
    8.Supernatural Singing Voice:once a day(sometime miss it)
    9.Get straight white teeth:once a day
    10.Fully Master Your Powers:Once a day after listening all of above.
    Also i will keep listening to this playlist for 6 months please subscribe me as if i got major results i am gonna upload a video of it.Also some more update that i can even feel energies coming from other such as hate lie or hapiness.

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