Become A Superhuman Quarterback And/Or Pitcher || Powerful Subliminal

This is for all the athletes out there who want to perfect their throwing. If you’re in any sport that involves throwing a ball. This will improve your speed, strength, technique, and evolve your throwing muscles to new heights. #QBsubliminal #pitchersubliminal #throwingsub

I’ve studied physics, specialized psychology and linguistics my entire life. I make these as a non-profit owner and all proceeds go towards helping even more of life/society evolve…
Modern psychologists have always supported affirmations in order to reprogram the mind’s subconscious. It takes 21 days to grow a new living paradigm, and 90 days to create a completely new reality.

Although through imagination and creativity subliminal message creators have taken the field to new frontiers. Now one may see results to some degree at new record times.

Paradigms are the habitual set of habits and beliefs that formulate together in one’s subconscious mind creating all of their thoughts, actions, self-worth, decisions, even eye colors, and physical features that have been changed through these mental paradigms.

As energy is constantly flowing through us it’s our subconscious mind’s paradigms really dictating where that energy goes. Everything first starts with your mind.

Neuropathic experts all agree that it’s our actual thoughts that then create the neuro pathways in our brain. Wow. It’s a very backward world humanity has been programmed into. And now exploited by a few. Everything first starts in our minds and then our energetic beings adjust accordingly. The physical realm is all an illusion.

—————–How this video works——————

1. The images shift one’s focus thus shifting their reality, as our focus creates our reality. It’s NOT required to view the images!

2. The messages are played silently for the conscious mind cannot reject the idea.

3. The music stimulates your emotions the most important part, as our subconscious mind runs solely on emotion. Also, distract the conscious mind from the subliminal messages being played more quietly.


.Above all remember to wear headphones
. DO NOT listen while driving or operating machinery
. Breath and drink plenty of water
. Listen 30-50 minutes daily for best results.


▶︎Track Info:

■Title: workout mix
■Artist: Taran
■Genre: bass


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