Be on their Mind * Law of Attraction * Attract anyone you Desire * Telepathy * Sleep Meditation *

Be on their mind using the power of telepathy. Through visualization and meditation this attract anyone you desire video will allow you to be on anyone’s mind using the power of your mind and the law of attraction. Use anytime awake or while sleeping.

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We created this video by designing and combining multiple digital images and layers to create something visually attractive with the addition of a motion video light bulb symbolising the mind and layered into the images to further enhance the overall visualization effects for the video.

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30 thoughts on “Be on their Mind * Law of Attraction * Attract anyone you Desire * Telepathy * Sleep Meditation *

  1. If you're reading this, thank you for being an expression in our 3D world of Divine Love. Eternal Blessings to you. (I say this as a long-time Atheist having found the joys of manifestation.) I lost my mother when I was very young. I was adopted and my adoptive mother was physically and emotionally abusive for many years. I am 27 and have had a difficult time being able to love. I spend most of my time being single and not engaging romantically with anyone because I want to protect myself. But tonight I made a decision. It feels so much better to treat my adult self well so that I can finally be the good parent to myself that I always needed as a child. I can do that for myself! And one thing I want to do for myself is to find true love! Why not? 🙂 After all, if we are here in this world to create, to manifest, to be love, then it only makes sense that I'd best be able to do that alongside my soulmate. So, I will manifest my soulmate with this music, with my affirmations, journaling, music, and my thoughts. I will send out the signal to her so that she can finally see where I am and we can make our way back to each other. Thank you for reading, have a beautiful day or night wherever you are and know that you are always made of the same perfect stuff stars and planets are made of.

  2. Omg it actually works, so he came riding past my house with his friend and talked to my mom and then when I came out he just stared and smiled at me and said hi

  3. Update:


    I play tennis at this club. There is this really cute guy there! We talk sometimes but not a lot.

    July 17: at I used this and I sleep through it
    July 18: This is technically, the first day! I could tell something was a little different! We didn’t talk as much as we did the day before but he just keep looking at me. For example, we always do a little warm up before we start playing! So I had my racquet in my hand and I set it on the court! Guess what you guys! He put his really close to mine! When I picked mine up he picked his up and he kind of looked at me.

    Sadly, I won’t see him until next Tuesday because that is the next day in tennis camp. But I will use this and keep you guys updated on how things are going!

  4. I dunno if these comments saying it works are actually legit but it worked for me. I listened for 6 days straight and did my own love spell and my man is back with me and our daughter thank god. I also had a spell done on my behalf so I don't know if it was this or the spell or both but it worked. Thank you for posting this. Hopefully he stays this time

  5. Craziest thing happened today after practicing LoA and manifestation the last few weeks. My crush was surprisingly at work today on his usual day off and worked beside me in a big warehouse (coincidence I think not). When I handed him a package he put his hand right on top of mine and lingered which was odd considering how can I let go of the box when he’s on my hand! 🤔
    I truly believe the universe is bringing us closer after I put out those intentions and energy into him ✨💖

  6. Me and this guy met through a mutual friend and we were really close in 2017 and 2018. Now we haven't talked for a couple months, I still have interest in him. I want a chance with him.

  7. D-does this work, I have liked my crush for 2 years!!! And tbh I don't know if he likes me but my friends have seen him stare at me…I hope this works because I have had depression for awhile…I'm 14 and believe me when I say that when you have a crush at the starters of 13 it becomes strong…but I hope I will manifest his love, I can't stop without thinking of him so I'm gonna give this a try, if someone could maybe give me advice to make this work better I would be very grateful thank you, I hope this works 😞💘😣

  8. I never comment on vids. But had to share. 1st time listening last night while going to sleep. Just woke up, received a message. I'm flabbergasted

  9. Recently I put in for a divorce. I dont want it. My wife is my rock. I miss her. I just hope we can love like we did in the past and she acknowledges her wrongs. We will be back together. She got a restraining order on me about 2 weeks ago. And all I can think about is my daughter and 2 step daughters and wife. And how much I miss them. May God heal us with internal peace and love! I love you all and thanks for spilling your hearts and love on here. It gives me hope! 😭🥰

  10. Listened to this alllll night. Couldn’t sleep, was tossing and turning. I finally turned it off by 4:30am and tried to fall back to sleep. At 5am, he called. Could of sworn I blocked him 🤣 but i was expecting it to happen.

  11. Pray this works…🙏🏼
    i will update if anything happens, we lost contact because of smth stupid, like our ego. I hope he will message me, i don't need an apology, only to know that he still cares.

  12. GUYS

    Anyone who is doubting this power I’m telling you. I doubted it too but it really does work. Try meditating whilst listening and imagine your person of choice has sent you the text already

  13. THIS IS NO JOKE. Within the first minute of thinking about the person whom I have a big crush on and being grateful for him. HE TEXTED ME. I am not joking. THIS WORKS!!! Thank you so much! Thank you universe! I am so overjoyed!!!

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