Be Human, Not a Zombie – Meditation Tip 187 – Keeping

Be Human, Not a Zombie – Meditation Tip 187 – Keeping

Quick tips on Meditation that can be used to fling you back to consciousness. Meditation Tip 187 – Keeping. Try to notice today in your own experience that keeping things causes work for you and can create suffering, as it is impossible to keep anything really, yet we get tricked into believing it is.

Everything is temporary and the sooner you can realize this and witness that the more you try to keep, the more your going to have to do.

An example of this could be a car. At first the car runs smooth and very minor care is needed, but as the car gets older the more you have to do to keep it going. This is simple to understand with a car, but this goes with all of life in more subtle ways. Notice the more you try to have the more effort you have to spend to keeping those items.

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