Batman’s EXTENDED Origin

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“It’s not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me.” -Batman

Batman is no doubt one of the most capable human beings in all of fiction. A mere man who has dedicated his life to fighting for justice and can now stand among gods as one of the primary protectors of Earth, humanity, and existence itself on occasion. It all started because of a tragedy, but Bruce’s will is what ultimately drove him from victim to hero and beyond. What were the steps he took? How much skill did he need? What is he capable of? And most importantly, can we ever hope to achieve the same thing? The Axis might be blurrier than you expect when we finally tackle the unexpectedly crazy life of Bruce Wayne and discover what it really means to become Batman.

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Batman’s Workout Routine:

Becoming Batman:

More About Synesthesia:

Training to Develop Synaesthesia for Improved Memory and Maths Ability (Theoretically)

Bulgyo Musul and Kuk Sool Won:


Uberman Sleep Schedule:

Uberman Sleep

Clips from:
Batman (1966)
The Dark Knight
Batman: Arkham Origins
Batman (1989)
Batman: The Animated Series
Batman: Gotham Knight
Faces of UVic Research: E. Paul Zehr
The superhero in you: Paul Zehr at TEDxEdmonton
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Police Story 4: First Strike
TWO HANDED Drawing – Shawshank Redemption – ambidextrous
What color is Tuesday? Exploring synesthesia – Richard E. Cytowic
What’s It Like To Hear Colors? – A VR 360° Synesthesia Experience
Stanford University Campus Tour
World Evangelism Bible College Online Promo
Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Kuk Sool Won: Masters Demonstration 2015
Guided Meditation Tummo in Storm Egon
Inside the Brain Unraveling the Mystery of Alzheimer’s Disease- Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center, a service of the National Institute on Aging
Batman: Arkham City
Batman Shanghai
Batman: Bad Blood
The Dark Knight Rises
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Justice League: The Animated Series
Justice League: War

Songs Used:

“Barrier”- UNDERTALE Soundtrack, Toby Fox

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44 thoughts on “Batman’s EXTENDED Origin

  1. He is the Leonardo DaVinci of superheroes. Also, I am certain it is possible to become batman. It only takes a lot of hard work. You may never bench press as much as he supposedly is capably of, but that isn't at all what being batman is about. One can gain all the knowledge he has, and push themselves to their physical peak. I always thought batman of not being extremely strong, like a body builder or something, but rather strong, agile, and tough. Meaning he relies more on his speed, cunning, and strength of will over brute force.

  2. batman/bruce wayne is one of the most influential fictional characters ever. even if you can probably never reach his standards, you'll probably end up a notch or two below, just trying. dedication can achieve the seemingly unviable.

  3. am gonna subscribe right cos ur videos seem not only to be educational and informative but motivational as well.
    thats a rare thing to find on a youtube video. so thank you!

  4. Am I the only one that noticed how in Wildcat's description of powers and weapons they spelled Muay Thai wrong? They spelled it with a "i" instead of a "y" so-> muai thai….

  5. Makes video about becoming Batman, and reveals his sleeping schedule that made it possible
    "Don't try this at home"
    Seriously? You know people are going to try it.

  6. I really want to see a comic book about the time between Bruce's parent's death and when he returns to Gotham to become the Batman. I think it would be really cool and interesting to see just how much Bruce had to go through to become the Batman we know and love.

  7. batman = humanities best he is the most skilled fighter in the justice league for sure can stand toe to toe with a god batman is everything earth can offer into one being superman even bowes down to him and he is a god

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