Autumn Hypnotic Sleep Story & Meditation for Grown Ups: Hayride Under The Stars (ASMR, Fire Sounds)

Fall asleep fast with this deep sleep meditation and story that rides the wave of autumn vibes. The crisp cool air of fall welcomes you in this hypnotic story where you may take a hayride beneath the stars, comforted by the soft embrace of a pile of hay in this magical journey. You deserve this time to unwind and find sleep. So get cozy, bunker down, and take this sleep voyage beneath the stars. It’s time to dream away (and dream A way).

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Michelle’s Sanctuary Podcast was recently launched and each episode offers a conversation and 5-minute meditation that corresponds to a theme and may be found at or

Michelle’s Sanctuary is a place where you may enjoy high quality GUIDED MEDITATIONS and HYPNOTIC BEDTIME STORIES completely FREE with a focus on mental vacations, sleep hypnosis, manifestations, and honoring your right to respite and feeling good.

This channel was started with the intention of helping others find balance, a good night’s rest, and stay aligned with aspirations and goals in life. We are all part of this human existence together and the more than we become mindful individuals, the better we make this world and our personal experiences in this world.

Having firsthand experience with anxiety, insomnia, and a strong desire to connect with my higher self and live my best life, I have tailored these meditations in ways that I have personally found helpful.

This channel is not a replacement for consultations with a doctor or medical professional but can help you find more balance and a healing night’s sleep. I always welcome comments, feedback & suggestions.

Original Music: Michelle Hotaling “Brave”

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15 thoughts on “Autumn Hypnotic Sleep Story & Meditation for Grown Ups: Hayride Under The Stars (ASMR, Fire Sounds)

  1. Wonderful. I love going on these journeys (well as far as I can get before I fall alseep. Lol) I am so grateful to have found your channel. Thank you soOOOooo much! ♡

  2. Your voice is once again both expressive and soothing, your delivery both precise and well-spoken.

    I know purely sound-based ASMR will never have the audience reach of its quickly growing video counterpart – but coming from all the way back with whispercrystal and before ASMR was called ASMR, I truly enjoy this as the clearest form of audio relaxation I know. Thank you very much for your continuously excellent contributions, Michelle.

  3. @23:23“You are defeated to sleep´´when I heard you say that I melted and thought Michelle's Sanctuary is a CUSTOM designed a sweet ending place where even the most rugged Succumb to the ordaining edict of the day😌Zzzzzzzz
    oh no! i'm

  4. I'm living for these autumn themed ones. I've been listening to you almost every other night for a year or so. This channel is my favorite to use to meditate to sleep. Thank you so so much.

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