Aurora Channels Archangel Raziel "Keeper of Scrolls" The Blue Avians

Greetings! Join us as Aurora Channels Live Archangel Raziel, “Keeper of Scrolls”! Come discover who he is and who he has been in Earths past. Surprise Guests The Blue Avian’s speak!

Synopsis of channeling: Architect of creation!

What Law of The Universe is he and key. Keeper of sacred scrolls, record keeper of ‘hall of records. The sacred pyramids, the ley lines, Thoth’s emerald tablets, Eye of Horus – a gateway to the cosmos. What are Crop circles and how to aid all. Chromosomes – Divine feminine union with masculine. DNA Reconstruction for crystalline body needed for ascension, how twin flames coming together helps the collective.

Answered Questions:

Since you are the “Key of Evolution” that is based in India, how can we help strengthen that key or send it love?

As a “Keeper of the Scrolls”, will the Hall of Records in Egypt be opening for us during this time of disclosure? Are we ready and is it possible?

How do we evolve from our Akashic Records? How can we best use the information from our Akashic Records to aid us in our current lifetime?

Can you share with us some sacred teachings taught by you as Thoth, that are held in your emerald tablet? Have they been compromised like other sacred information?

You mentioned Alchemy Symbols, there is one we would like to understand more – the ‘Eye Of Horus’ ? What was it meant for, it’s powers and how can we work with it today?

Can you tell us anything about crop circles and who they come from or the purpose for us? Also, should we meditate on them? Print or draw them etc.?

Speaking about chromosomes – Do you have any messages for the Divine Feminine and Masculine and how they can work together in unison?

Before you go would you please share who your twin flame is?

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13 thoughts on “Aurora Channels Archangel Raziel "Keeper of Scrolls" The Blue Avians

  1. I have a question. Can you explain how human ancestry and spirit work in who we are? I am grasping the spirit and reincarnation, but with this understanding I just don't see the significance of the physical ancestors beyond those we are interacting with.

  2. I love how Raziel made his entrance, I smiled & laughed when you were explaining it to us Aurora 😍 thank you 🙏 a beautiful channeling with much information ❤️

  3. Your essence and energies are so pure and strong , u immediately take me to my divine original vibration, and alignment. And these higherbeings connect to me,and I feel utter peace and love within.
    Thank u so much, love u so much, u are really needed here deep gratitude for being.

  4. This was so beautiful and fascinating!! Months ago, before I knew of AA Raziel, I had a dream where the only thing I could consciously recall is some sort of long vertical sign that spelled out RAZIEL vertically. After listening to this channeling I believe that “sign” was in fact a scroll.
    Thank you Aurora, Raziel and Mini🙏🏽💜💜💜🌟

  5. Another incredible channeling. Thank-you ArchAngel "RaThothZiEl" for the wonderful message. I truly honor and appreciate you and you already know of my love. I better get back to those tablets, but you know I tend to get "distracted" lol
    Thank-you Aurora for this gem of a Friday treat…I love, honor and truly appreciate all that you do. See you in the classroom💖

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