Audiobook : Freedom From The Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Widely recognized as one of the most influential spiritual teachers of the twentieth century, Jiddu Krishnamurti taught that in order for there to be peace in the world, we must each first make peace with ourselves. No spiritual path, leader, or personal or political philosophy will guide us in this endeavor, he said; this transformation of the human psyche is a truth that each of us must discover within.Krishnamurti teaches that the war and destruction human beings wreak on each other and the environment are caused by our misplaced attachment to a sense of self and individuality that leads to aggression, competition, greed, and conflict. When we recognize that our consciousness is not individual but common to all humans, we can work together in a spirit of cooperation and compassion. Krishnamurti shows that taking personal responsibility for our actions and reactions-in our relationships and in our lives-is the necessary first step toward a global view.

Foreword: This book has been written at Krishnamurti’s suggestion and has his approval. The words have been chosen from a number of his recent talks (in English), taped and previously unpublished, to audiences in various parts of the world. Their selection and the order in which they are presented are my responsibility.

Narrator :Adam Behr

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27 thoughts on “Audiobook : Freedom From The Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti

  1. Whose got the MP3 of this please :-)?
    I'm working on songs along the lines of Krishnamirti, Byron Katie, eckhart tollie etc.
    I'll listen to this while weeding and gardening to get some gems.
    I'm interested in anyone who feels the same and can arrange for symphony's or and does electronica.

  2. Wow. Speechless. This writing is incredibly life changing and requires extreme concentration to follow along with the core concepts, despite it essentially saying we as humans should do the exact opposite, and stop comparing and competing as fragmented individuals, learning how the "The observer becomes the observed".

    What's beautiful is after listening I realise that my opinion means absolutely nothing. Comparing and assigning value to this and that, is meaninglessness. We may wish to consider understanding that we are all part of the whole, and not individual fragments.

    Due to the complexity of this material to essentially breakdown simplification and non-duality, I reccomend starting at 3:40:50 where he does a nice little summary and then backing into material from the beginning to end. I'll deffinatetly be buying a hard copy of this book to really sit with the material and allow the concepts to sink in.


  3. Nothing is worth striving for except for nothing itself, which is our true essence. The real you is immaterial, awareness, silence, nothing, spirit etc. It is currently overshadowed by the pleasure-seeking, discontent, overactive animal mind. Google truthcontest, click the Earth icon, read the present, nothing could be more important or worthwhile. Everything is depending on this book to reach enough people before its too late, so make sure you read it thoroughly and tell your friends about it as well.

  4. On this 71 st anniversary of the most critical physical destruction of humanity, let's apply the physical sequence onto our psyche. And see how much power the real implosion mean, the bottle neck that once scientists solved onto just the physical realm, the chain reaction led to such velocity and power. Pay our sage back: listen, doubt, implore, implode and explode into truth. Live simply, attentively and energetically like he shown us with his physical embodiment. And first do no harm with our thoughts which are the source of all actions. The seemingly insignificant but harmful thought can be the first spark to scorching inferno. Thanks K and friends.

  5. Now that we hear the Truth, Realize (Reality-in-Action) the Truth is totally on us. When we're still bound by certain methods (like the below comments advertising a cult, trying to be a shameless thief on viewers' time, wolf in lamb's skin), Truth is not. Truth is simple, instant center-less and not self-centered thoughts polluting. Thanks K and friends.

  6. We learn about ourselves through our actions and relationships with every other human and non-human being. No exclusions. However the standard of right and wrong itself, as we observe our actions in the mirror of our minds and hearts comes from the essential spiritual teachings of world religions which has long been established in our subconscious minds, during thousands of years of known evolutionary human history in the spiritual context of various societies and cultures. I recommend checking

  7. We live on earth, therefore by default we must live in time/space—–we understand everything in terms of time and space; we communicate with others in time and space; all of our transactions and millions of other human affairs we hold, are all in time and space. Consider this analogy now——This earth is comparable to when we were in our mother's womb…… (let’s go slow here) The womb was the world we lived in. All its conditions and limitations had a definite purpose, and it was to develop limbs and organs and etc. Those limbs and organs (eyes, ears, hands, feet, vocal cords, taste buds, etc) we did not need them while we were in the womb itself, but they were ONLY necessary for when we arrived in this world after our birth. Now [WHAT IF], when we were in the womb, we said, NO WAY! I don’t need to live in such a small space and it is too limiting here, therefore I am going to live outside of this constricting womb RIGHT NOW!……….. And WHAT IF, hypothetically speaking, we could at 4 months old, while still in the womb, somehow get ourselves outside of the matrix of the womb? Could we even live? I doubt that. We would die in a short time, and even if we lived with the help of doctors and nurses, we would still have certain physical faculties and organs that would remain defective. It would be a rough life and not a wise choice. I am sure we all would agree on that.
    My point is, we now live on earth which may be comparable to a second womb (it is an analogy I am using of course) and there are now “spiritual faculties” that we are developing here, which have to be developed under the conditions of this world [through time and space], for very very good and wise reasons—-some of which we may or may not be aware of whatsoever; and even if someone comes along (i.e. Krishnamurti) and says here is a truth that is OUTSIDE of time and space—–and let's say he is EVEN proven to have such a truth; I still would suggest that such a truth would still NOT work or at least be applicable here on earth anyway, because logically one cannot bring the conditions that are [completely] meant to be [outside of time and space] and introduce them into the complex fabric of a biological life (physically and consciously) on earth, that ONLY things as related to time and space can take root, function, and thrive. The idea of such an occurrence itself would be [unthinkably dangerous] and [unwise] to be introduced in the matrix of time/space. Even in physical life, astronauts are careful not to carelessly introduce something from Mars to earth or from earth to Mars for good reasons. Now imagine we are talking about a person trying to introduce something outside of time and space (according to him) into a matrix that can only sustain itself through time/space dimensional conditions! This would be foolishly unwise to do by anyone.
    But let’s just assume for the sake of the argument that [some truth] outside of time and space could work here within the time/space dimension, and let’s assume it won’t harm anything—–my question is, what did Krishnamurti say that was [literally] outside of HIS own time and space, outside of his brain and mind? Can you name such a statement that he may have made? That’s what I really like to know.

  8. After listening to this book for some time now, I'm sure he'd have something to say about the internet and how humanity has extended his violence through it. Also-rans about the purposely repeated phrases in this download designed for conditioning something Jiddu was clearly not about.

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