Attract Romantic Partner (all sexual orientations) | Guided Meditation

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This guided meditation was written to help you find your romantic love partner. We will remove all obstacles that have been preventing you to find the ONE and we will build from ground up all the elements required for you to be ready and magnetic to your LOVE.

Enjoy and fall in love,

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21 thoughts on “Attract Romantic Partner (all sexual orientations) | Guided Meditation

  1. …for all genders…fk again!Tell me something please,are you from US?Only that.Because there are only 2 gengers-all the others are sexual preferences-NOT GENDER CHANGING!(except if someone cut it and make hole instead.)Then realy don't know the gender…all the others are bullshit!Maybe they for real put something in your food,water,spraying you..I don't know…Ffffkkkk….what genger is a man who likes others to….him??A man,with kinky habbits.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It was a beautiful experience. However, at the time of trying to breal the rope with my last romantic partner, I felt scared & felt like am unable to break it. I did succeed but ever since am feeling scared and feels like something dark is following me.. Why would this happen?

  3. Thank you so much Rasa! It was amazing… I got my answer in a best way but while I was doing the meditation I felt it takes more time to cut the attachments and let go… This meditation showed me in which point I am. Now I know! I know that which part needs to be fixed first…again thanks 🙂

  4. After the part where you had to let go of the old ties, I just couldn't go any further, can't even think about a new partner, stopped the meditation cried myself to sleep while I was letting go of my ex…. it made me realise you need to cleanse your subconscious by all those negative feelings before starting again, because otherwhise you're just putting a beautiful layer on all the garbage in your subconscious, it's still there and much more deeper than that layer of positivity.
    Can you make a meditation about letting go of people? I love your meditations, they're so thought through.

  5. No Voice? Just a question why don't you do self hypnosis instead of guided meditations ? what i loved about the previous one with Joe treacy is the combination between the script and your voice . It was perfect …
    This video has subliminal s ? because i can't hear any voice 🙂 ?

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