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Joy Of Living New Atlantis Superconscious In 432Hz

Audible/Inaudible sub-liminal professional Affirmation Script


Does Not contain Brain Wave Entrainment

Atlantis was destroyed by the gods because of its drive to expand its empire through conquest and world domination and with the use of crystals as power stations by overcharging them a gravitational explosion was the result, the final destruction was because of greed and lust magnified by the crystals.

Before the Fall, humanity had dominion over nature and was able to draw from Creation all of the benefits that source had placed in it.
Policymakers who know too little about science, and to push scientists who often fail to think seriously or deeply about the ethical and social implications of their work.

Technology will be central to the future of life by helping scientists policymakers and citizens deal more wisely and more creatively with the promise and perils of any nation’s future, moral stakes are high and the political divides are deep, therefore human extinction is not progress.

Currently, an Aldous Huxley’s version of the brave new world is set to begin for the one world order government so they think.

The thousand year millennium with Christ is none other than the Vatican Rome preparing their followers for a new world order one world government

A new brave world, a world free of all limitations is also set to begin for the golden age

Not everyone is born with a happy disposition. But psychologists say that we can be trained to be happy. What is required is a small change in thinking. Happiness affirmations will help you change your thinking. That is why Abe Lincoln said, “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
As the saying goes, “He is truly happy who makes others happy to bring joy to them.
You are seeding the world with new thought forms
You alone are responsible for your thoughts, only you can change them.

Consciousness is the king, and all its cellular subjects behave exactly according to the mood of their royal master….You
You’ve been granted free will to change your conditions which have been created by your thoughts so therefore you can change the tune from sad to gladness at anytime.

Weak minded souls allow adverse thoughts and wicked actions of others to affect them and through a lack of understanding it is very easy to blame source or God for one’s own sorrows and disappointments, we were not granted that free will.
Real happiness can stand the challenge of all outer experiences
Affirm your joy. Don’t allow one dark season or even one dark moment to steal your joy. Take back your power from the joy-stealers in your life.

Here’s to a life filled with joy and abundance!

Created with positive professional Inaudible & Audible spoken affirmations.

Best results listen 1-3x every day or night for 30-60 days.

DrVirtual7 audios are some of the most listened to in the matrix In the areas of spiritual awareness, self-empowerment realization & personal development.




  1. atlantis was destroyed because of their animal organ implant into human bodies and trying to make hybridized humans. Basically breaking the laws of nature.

  2. Chiar există oameni care îşi aduc aminte despre Atlantida?sau e o ideea a cuiva că sunteţi în legătură cu ei?Ştiţi şi ce s-a greşit atunci ca să nu mai repetaţi?Dar ce vrea Dumnezeu ştie cineva?

  3. What a great and wondrous feeling this gives me!
    It is as if I am biking or better,walking through the Dunes, I always get the same joyful, wondering or wondrous feeling as a child looking at Mother Nature's beauty and complexity of the wonderful trees,plants, birds 🐦, grasses + insects!
    I have the same feeling I had as I was a playful, excited+exploring, wondering child 🐣(my grandpa lived in the dunes,he worked as… ehh…he had to look after a big piece of the Dunes, sorry, don't know the right word yet), this terrific recording gives me the same feeling!
    It's so great to have my inner child still just under the surface of my being…
    Thanks again doc, beautiful, wondrous piece of work!

  4. Dr.Virtual 7 can you create one for making truly sure and certain that one after one lifetime is done and over with that the next future lifetimes we choose for oneself is truly our own making and choice. for example i do not want some so called entity,deity or non human malevolent being to decide and etc for oneself our next lifetimes and the reptilians I'm referring to specifically.also about old baggage from last previous lifetimes well i want that shit and garbage to be left behind and not affect my new life's and etc.its a new beginning a.k.a clean slate so yeah. like you said one subliminal karma or something is something that should already be paid already.also as for people,entities,and non human entities that may have bad intentions or etc against us well lets just say i want them out of my life and especially personal life.this includes leaving out online trolls,negative people and entities and people or beings that drain the life out of oneself /for example lets say end of the world so called prophets and far i came across this individual called the da13sun he is what i consider and call a blood sucking vampire.any good dream,hopes,motivations and etc you may have he has a way to drain it or take it way and etc.with him its either his way or the not listen to him I'll tell you that much

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