ASMR Ear Massage | Real Person | Internal Microphones

Hello everybody. In this video me (Steven Falcon) and my creative partner (Diana), tried new technique. We mounted microphones in earbuds so we can record the real sounds than the massaged person could hear and made relaxing ear massage for you. Likewise it is an internal sound recording.

This is very similar to 3Dio microphones, but here the sound comes from real living person – not a silicone ears.
The video begin with a little teaser for you – sounds of drinking tea.

Soon you will see video dedicated to eating chewing and drinking sound recorded from “inside”.
Diana’s Makeup:
Eye shadow:

Main camera:

Second camera:

Third camera (GoPro):


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If you feel need to give us support for our hard work, we will be very grateful. We will use the money to buy new high quality audio equipment to make better ASMR videos for you:

Thank you!

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50 thoughts on “ASMR Ear Massage | Real Person | Internal Microphones

  1. Wow, this video hit 1M views! When we were filming we hadn't expected that this could be so successful video. Don't forget to see our other videos which are even better, although they doesn't have so many views! Thank you!

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