ASMR Deeply calming 3 minute meditation. It really works! Soothing female voice. Not whispered.

ASMR soothing female voice. Very softly spoken, not whispered. This is a deeply relaxing, soothing, and calming guided meditation especially for those who are needing to be in a calmer state of being in a short amount of time. It is also great for quick stress relief. It is highly effective and helps train the mind to remember to do this throughout the day when a calmer state of being is needed.
Headphones are recommended for best effect.


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ATTENTION: This channel is not intended for children 13 and under.

This channel was created to help grown adults navigate their human journey through the challenges of a spiritual awakening.

During my childhood, I lived through 2 years of extraordinary metaphysical astral projections where I experienced infinite consciousness. Through these nightly travels, energetic entities showed me how to navigate the illusions of our 3D world. I was taught how to embody their teachings within a human life so our souls could evolve as we flourish.

In these videos you will find help navigating the challenges that come up as our soul becomes a graceful partner in the human ascension journey.

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26 thoughts on “ASMR Deeply calming 3 minute meditation. It really works! Soothing female voice. Not whispered.

  1. You just popped up in the middle of my massive Kitchen episode "I've been stuffing cabbage leaves for two hours" !
    I had to stop to do this meditation and it is incredible ! It really is very calming and grounding and wonderful to do at anytime of the day ! If we wear headphones It can be done in a parked car, or in any quite space. Would also be very useful in a hospital waiting room or a doctors lounge ! It would transmute the energies of fear and stress. Beautiful energy channeled in this ! Love you so very much, my beautiful, sacred sister !

  2. Michele, this was an extremely soothing short meditation. Thank you for sharing another gem (I follow you through my other channel Calm Chords and now I am happy to follow you through this one). Keep up the great work!

  3. hello Michele very soothing and connects with the soul very peaceful your voice is the most important aspect here i felt so relaxed and light after listening will visit it again as we as humans need peace best wishes and many thanks love your work smashed bell really needed this meditation 👍😍

  4. Thank you michelle. This truly is helpful. Feeling less alone when done with another helps. I constantly have repeats on all the time going to bed. Steph om shaanti om repeat with a few others for year now. Definitely adding this❤🙋🏻🐕 So helpful. Hugs n happy new year.

  5. Thanks so so much for sharing this one, Michele! I've saved it to my Watch Later list, as I know I'm going to want to return to this one. What a beautiful reverie of 3 minutes! 🙂 Have a wonderful week, my sweet friend! Linda 🙂

  6. Sis, My P C has been out for 3 weeks. I am catching up.
    This is PERFECT! Calming & warming my heart! Working on my Heart chakra.
    And I/We Thank You!
    Happy 2020. Light, love & Peace Out, Always gratefully here. Anita

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