ASMR Back Tracing w/ Scratch, Brushing, Buds & Oil Massage

An ASMR Back treatment with nail tracing, a back scratch, brushing and oil massage.
Uploaded with love XX Emma XX

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*Disclaimer* – This video is not intended to replace any medical care or counselling that might be needed. The benefits of ASMR in terms of a therapy is so far anecdotal only.
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48 thoughts on “ASMR Back Tracing w/ Scratch, Brushing, Buds & Oil Massage

  1. Steph's back is BACK! 😏 An ASMR Back treatment with nail tracing, scratching, brushing, cotton bud fingers and oils πŸ’œ With tonnes of love as always. I hope your weekend has been the best it can be 🌟 Sweet dreams XX Emma XX

  2. *Me watching*: "Not sure I'd get tingles from watching someone else have hands on them."

    *When she says, 'Don't forget the back of the neck' while she touches it*: "Ohhhhh shhhhhiiiiiii….."

  3. when my friend slept we would always do something where we tickled(softly)eachothers arm for 2 minutes at a time or we would trace pictures on each others backs on top of the shirts and they would have to guess what you drew it was the best feeling ever

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