Anupam Kher with Sadhguru | Through the Mystic Eye

Save Democracy

Padmashri award winning actor and social activist, Anupam Kher, explores various aspects with Sadhguru, including Indian democracy, children, and the power of attention.


Anupam Kher: I feel very proud to be an Indian and I’m sure lot of people feel, but corruption bothers me and I’m sure you also spoke about it. How… Do you think spirituality can help get rid of corruption to some extent?

Sadhguru: See, let’s understand this corruption, because it’s… it’s a very important thing that everybody understands this properly in its right perspective rather than reacting against a bunch of people who are in an advantageous position, okay? (Laughter)

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Through the Mystic Eye is a series of episodes featuring Sadhguru in conversation with several eminent personalities. Anupam Kher, KV Kamath, Shekhar Kapur, JP Narayan and many more of India’s leading celebrities and public figures engage Sadhguru in discussions ranging from business and governance to sports, education and mysticism.

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40 thoughts on “Anupam Kher with Sadhguru | Through the Mystic Eye

  1. anupam asks about wonder and innocence. ..and that mf sits with legs crossed. …well that's not our culture. …third rate body language. ..lucky satguru tolerated. ..I would have kicked him out ….and I really hope anupam read this comment. …beginning talk with namaste to namaste there is set of culture that has respect inbuilt for other person and school. ..and I am sorry to say this convent education is pathetic. ..I would simply say "simply missionary "

  2. man with personality crossed path of man with action ….and man with action ripped apart man with personality and his persona. where will this idiot hide ?…

  3. "Corruption" is global. India has greater potential than most places, especially compared to the Northern latitudes. WWW. is just a tool.
    Would like to hear Sadhguru discuss corporate & governmental pollution of environment and it's adverse effects on health of populations.

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