Anger Mangement – Subliminal Binaural Beats Meditation Stress Relief Healing Music to Reduce anger

Do not listen while operating machines or cars.
HEADPHONES are required

The followings are the subliminal messages:
I know how to reach a deep relaxation easily
I embrace positive emotions and let them wrap my being
I feed off warmth feelings that soften my soul
I unite with my divine entity and reach peace and full relaxation
I keep calm in moments of stress
I allow the positive energy of the universe to generate peace in my heart and mind
I find it easy to maintain emotional balance in my life
My anger is dissolving and calmness is taking its place
Anger is part of my past
I release it completely from my heart
I choose to live my life as a relaxed human being
I deserve to sense powerful feelings that make me feel glorious
My mind is a land of serenity to which I can turn when I need
I find it easy to transfer the anger I’ve had to uplifting directions
Emotional balance is part of who I am
Every day I feel more and more positive emotions that soothe my soul


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