Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets Tell Us Everything We Need to Know [FULL VIDEO]

It is fascinating to realize that it may be possible to know more about the 6,000-year-old civilization of Sumeria than we may ever know about the more recent Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The explanation lies in the Sumerian cuneiform writing. Whereas the papyrus of other elder empires disintegrated over time or was destroyed by the fires of war, cuneiform was etched onto wet clay tablets with a stylus creating a wedge-shaped script. These tablets were then dried, baked and kept in large libraries. About 500,000 of these clay tablets have now been found and have provided modern researchers with invaluable knowledge of the Sumerians.
The knowledge of Sumeria was brought to Egypt by the Biblical Patriarch Abraham by means of cleverly coded knowledge found within the Torah and other old Hebraic texts such as the Sefer Yezirah (Book of Creation) and the Sefer HaZohar (Book of Light).

These books predate the Talmud, a compilation of older Jewish laws and traditions first written in the 5th century A. D. and were produced centuries before the time of Jesus. According to the Book of Light, “mysteries of wisdom” were given to Adam by God while still in the fabled Garden of Eden. These elder secrets were then passed on through Adam’s sons to Noah on to Abraham long before the Hebrews existed as a distinct people. According to the Bible, Abraham was a Sumerian originating from Ur of Chaldea, the ancient term for Iraq.


21 thoughts on “Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets Tell Us Everything We Need to Know [FULL VIDEO]

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  2. By far one of the most accurate and informative talk I’ve seen in my life. I know a lot about a lot and could immensely add to his information. But I’ve also learned so much in this hour I never knew how to put together, but I was trying to find it. This clears up a lifetime of searching for me. Although the search is nevertheless the search proves infinite and ever so seductive. Thank you and may good energy deliver you into your rightful place in the universe

  3. As I listen this while working, I really can't watch it. The whole time he is talking, I hear Ron White the whole time lol I can picture him drinking scotch😂🤣

  4. Cross reference of biblical texts and authors of historical documents pinpoints the changes and lies, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Another fancy distraction from the truth here, for the sheeple to gobble up here.. Either way your not giving up the glory of Jesus Christ who makes our future worth caring about. God was born here as a human to experience and share the truth with us, believe that.

  5. The bible was king James version…
    Not Jesus version.
    It was experience to understand the roads in life. An keys for us to open certain doors in our consciousness an elevation to a higher planes. Understanding an judging not for the experience and knowledge given for wisdom knowing self and where we come from. I don't know lol

  6. It's ambiguous to claim that the Sumerian texts predate the Hebrew bible, inserted by a number of thousands of years since that does not specify which biblical texts that it assumptively predates. The bible is a progression through history, each with it's own author. The bible starts from the beginning and spans millennia, some texts originating during the same period as Sumer's existence, except they are told from a Hebrew perspective. Every ancient civilization at this point in time would likely have similar stories, but it is not an indicator that those are the original and the others copied them, nor vice versa since all of what you are getting is separate perspectives from different civilizations on the origins of the earth and humanity from their point of views starting with their timelines. It just so happens that the Hebrew bible has more in common with every ancient storyline from around the world, not because it copied them, but because it is it's own original historical timeline as told by those who follow the one who started it all.

  7. Can anyone really trust the translation of these Cuneiform Writings? Shit, History is a Big Lie, so why trust what some so-called expert tells you about some writings that they somehow figured out and YOU CANT EVEN READ!!!!????

  8. So I'm thinking… is this what happens when you reach the age of retirement… all this spare time on your hands?

    20 minutes into this and I'm thinking… fairy tails.
    Example: the animals during the flood?

    To save space, food, waste in order to help save them killing each other, all animal DNA (as described in this lecture) was to be saved in vials or pee tree dishes or jars for the recovery of earths animal population after the flood.

    How is this going to be possible if every living creature was killed in the deluge?
    With more wild assumptions, it just gets worse?

  9. This all ties in with the bible…some people are just blind…they will never know the joy of knowing god..they are lost and don't know it..people can claim the bible is made up garble all they want to but the spiritual awakening when you let god in is not fake it is a peace and joy some will never know due to their beliefs. System this world did not survive just by coincidence…it's a perfect fit and nothing in nature is perfect without God..

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