American Jedi

From the Director of BRONIES: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony comes Laurent Malaquais’ next documentary on extreme fandom, AMERICAN JEDI. In 2001, Jediism, the spiritual mythology of Star Wars, was recognized as an official religion in countries around the world. AMERICAN JEDI follows a group of Star Wars fans who identify as Jedi Knights. These fans are so inspired by the religious philosophy of the Jedi that they have abandoned the religions of their childhood to become followers of Jediism. The film chronicles three real-life Jedi as they journey to attain Knighthood and upon their quest must reconcile with dark issues such as marital infidelity, rape and drug addiction. American Jedi is more than fandom, more than religion; for each Jedi initiate, it’s a personal crusade for the betterment of their world. THIS PROGRAM IS NOT APPROVED OR ENDORSED BY, NOR IS IT IN ANY WAY ASSOCIATED WITH, THE RIGHTS HOLDER TO STAR WARS, INCLUDING DISNEY OR LUCASFILM, NOR DO THE VIEWS AND OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN IT REFLECT THE VIEWS OF DISNEY OR LUCASFILM.


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