Amazing Theta Wave (Brainwave Meditation 2)

Transcending Vibrations Presents:
Amazing Theta Wave (Meditation 2)
Effective Brainwave Entrainment
Monaural Beats With Ambient Soundtrack
*Headphones Not Required

Increases Creativity and Imagination
Increases Energy
Increases Self-Healing Capabilities
Strengthens Your Immune System
Helps in Controlling Your Subconscious
Increases Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
Higher Level of Intuition
Stress Relief
Better Memory
Lucid Dream State
Ability To Dream More Real and Controlled
Deeper Emotional Connection with Yourself
Relaxing Zen Meditation
Spiritual Connection
Visual Imagery and Wakeful Dreaming
Pituitary and Pineal Stimulation
Grounding of the Mind & Body
Increased Inspiration


One thought on “Amazing Theta Wave (Brainwave Meditation 2)

  1. i find this site ! and so
    please answer to me WHY theta waves amazing? others amazing too! i'm bought deep relaxation mindfulness ・・etc. why theta is amazing ? i don't know why ・・

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