All-Levels Yin Yoga for Releasing Hips & Back

By popular request – another all-levels yin yoga practice for releasing hips and back!

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I’ve had some questions about the yoga mat I’m using. It’s the 5mm thick “big” mat from Lululemon: (affiliate link – if you make a purchase using this link, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!!)


7 thoughts on “All-Levels Yin Yoga for Releasing Hips & Back

  1. Thank you Natasha, this has sorted out some "clickyness" I had felt in my back and neck over the last couple of days. I find your classes to be the best on YouTube. Please make more!

  2. I love yin yoga with you thank you so much, they have been a godsend following a car accident! Unfortunately I too had problems with the sound, watched it through first which gave me a good idea about what to do I wish you lots of cuddles and love when the baby arrives keep us all postedXx. June UK

  3. Thank you for your slow focused approach. My lower back was too painful to get into child's pose. The rest of the poses were quite helpful. I did have trouble hearing you.

  4. This was my second lesson I've watched of yours. (The first was the Before Morning Work…). I just love how your lessons are so nice and slow and how you really give so much time in each "pose". I also love how you don't have a lot of chit chat going on throughout. Enjoy your new upcoming baby 🙂 I hope you'll be back soon afterwards with lots more yoga lessons.

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