Alan Watts – How The Education System Screwed Your Mind

“Some believe all that parents, tutors, and kindred believe. They take their principles by inheritance, and defend them as they would their estates, because they are born heirs to them.”
-Alan Watts

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7 thoughts on “Alan Watts – How The Education System Screwed Your Mind

  1. praying for my son he needs praying bad with his problem he is autism he is 30years old he been in different groups home all of his life he needs God put right help in his life learn his basic skills he very confused he repeat things over and over he been in group home when he was little boy he needs God bad in his life he can learn he gets the right help in his life he likes a child he needs to get out of that God created him he was in my womb I have to carry him nine months only God knows what was Hind all that why he in up in the group home

  2. either I'm too dumb to understand this or this guy is full of it. so what happens to you is what you but there's nothing you can do because you don't exist. so a little girl who is raped, was something she wanted, but she should not be trouble by it because she doesn't exist. it was the universe who wanted​ to feel itself raped.

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