Alan Watts – Choice

Alan Watts discusses choice and the thoughts process behind it. Our choices are fundamentally what shape our character, and more importantly our life as a whole.

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“The data for any situation is infinite. So what you do is, you go through the motions of thinking about what you will do about this. But worriers are people, who think of all the variables beyond their control of what might happen. Choice is the act of hesitation we make before making a decision.”



41 thoughts on “Alan Watts – Choice

  1. Great speech but why do all of these videos need dramatic music that swallows up the message whole. I can’t even hear the last 30 seconds because of how high the music begins to bolster.

  2. So, essentially, be a slave to nature’s process? Do not impose any conscious will on the natural process of life or you will not get what you want, because you cannot have control?

  3. Everyone who watches this video is a stranger. A stranger in a good way. A thinking stranger. Someone who has taken the unique path through life. The beautiful way. Stay beautiful people ❤

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