Ajahn Brahm: “Don’t Worry. Be Grumpy” | Talks at Google

Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm will describe how to upload ancient wisdom into modern technology. He will reveal the code for the antivirus to stress, show how to delete depression, and give Buddha-tech support to peace of mind. Synergizing Mindfulness with Kindness, we can transform the iPad into the UsPad and the SmartPhone into the SillyPhone. Google, your searching is over, the Google Gooroo has arrived!


50 thoughts on “Ajahn Brahm: “Don’t Worry. Be Grumpy” | Talks at Google

  1. Ajahn brahm, more than anyone, has taught so many people how to be human. How to just live and be at ease. He’s a really good person. Im happy the world has people like him.

  2. Another option for providing 'gender equity' would be all males employed by Google to quit in protest. You know, because the good of the many. But what if gender equity is a crappy goal? You don't want the most qualified people to work in your company? Oh, you don't need it to be competitive. I see.

  3. Wait a minute! In this speech ad 2015 he is saying miastakes are second to useless. In his recent talks Adjahn allows making mistakes as a tool for wisening. The latter is much more enlightened, though I wish he had thought over the scope of what he was to say.

  4. Say sugar honey ice tea for the sh word. Say mofu for mr. Say being in total control here for the b world an a real b put an n for not being in control here, or nasty.

    Google Judi Grace StoryCorps.

  5. Wow. Mind-blowing. Thanks Ajahn Brahm. Wish you paradise Incha'allah ta'ala. and Happiness in this world. It's hard to accept the harsh reality, that one day we may all become crippled, sick, homeless, poor… but accepting that, is really the only thing we can do. Our biggest power comes from battling our greatest fears. This takes enormous courage people. May Allah safeguard us all.

  6. google male staff have yet to go to work in womens wear.

    ajahn brahm raised 1.5 million from this visit to google for female monks in santa rosa to buy a home.

  7. Ajahn Brahm confirms why it is so important to not follow any leadership, but to think for yourself. The reason there are fewer women at google is that it is a tech firm. A very successful one. They hire the best people. Affirmative action is reversed sexism. It is very harmful and discriminative. Just hire the best people for the job regardless of gender/ sex and you have true equality and fairness and are the best you can be.

  8. I have positively known for years now that cars get mad when you yell at them and call them names. Wanna turn your car into a piece of junk? Keep calling it that. Ferreal.

  9. Funny because lately I've been thinking what if our gadgets could respond to us when we swear at them. Like, "Please do not speak to me like that. I.m processing as fast as I can!" lol

  10. Ya what, First question is bowing down to feminist nagging.       WTF ?   Not enough diversity ? do you mean, Asians ?, Jews ?, blacks?, Hindu's ?   … of course not. It's women, women, women. Damn. Have got quotas for race too ?
    Tech is ability based. People are all different. Are you going to start complaining about not enough , whites, Asians, Hispanics etc in the Olympic 100m track and field final ?   Well ?   The question in itself is bigoted. Who has what ability is not sexist or racist. It just is.   Damn you are brainwashed !

  11. Great idea to invite Ajahn Brahm. However, I felt somewhat disturbed by bit condescending and "supposed-to-be-funny" style of the person doing introduction. And those silly two fingers above AB's head when the introducer was walking past behind him at the beginning of speech.. Of course none of those would ever matter for Ajahn himself, BUT- for me it is very important, whether one cares about maintaining healthy distance in presence of person deserving respect.

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