Actor Nani with Sadhguru – In Conversation with the Mystic

Telugu actor Nani, known as the “Natural Star”, was in conversation with Sadhguru on 23 June 2019. Check out the interesting QnA session where Nani asked Sadhguru about parenting, success and lots more.

6:13 Does growing beard make people take us seriously ??
8:33 Is success overrated ?
29:40 The concept of Dhrishti (evil eye). Does that exist ?
38:05 How do you come up with great answers for difficult questions ?
46:43 What is the right way of parenting ? Leave them free or be strict ?
53:51 Why do we have a good opinion about people after they are dead ?
59:30 Is overexposure pushing the next generation into a depressed state of mind ?
1:18:30 What is your view on Deja Vu ? (the feeling that we already saw the same thing happening in the past)
1:21:45 Entertainment videos now-a-days have lot of sexual and violent content. Is it justified ?
1:32:21 Being an Engineer, I am afraid to take up farming as I am not sure if I can make a survival.
1:45:34 Can we use movies to spread spiritual awarness among people ?
1:51:50 Why only few realised beings become God but others dont ? Will there be a successor to you ?
2:03:24 Does a person’s name have an influence on what he becomes ?

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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47 thoughts on “Actor Nani with Sadhguru – In Conversation with the Mystic

  1. Looks like he wants all the applause for his answers …when people clap for Nani he is disturbed….idk why people are so crazy about this guy. He never answers a question staright. To me his answers never make sense to the question asked. He boasts about himself a lot. Mocks at all the people who has opinion different than his. Dumb guy and people clapping for his dumb answers are even dumber. Nani seems much more mature and composed

  2. Cinemas success avadam ledhani ilaga advertise cheyinchukuntunnadu. Veedu oka waste gadu. Veedu oka yellow cinema community ki chendinavadu kabatti yellow cinema and yellow media vallandaru push chestunnaru. Mana karma

  3. When Sadguru's voice is nicely audible in all his programmes, the voice of aspirants who ask questions is quite low and not audible in many of the shows. If possible, kindly try to improve.

  4. Min 2:06:26
    Strange, coincidence or irony ?
    NANI Happens to be an Ideal Topic for this session.
    Nani = Na + Ni i.e. நா + நி நாநி ( Tamil, supposedly Mankind's very first language )
    In fact our Sadhguru's topic is all about You & Me ( நா + நி )
    Philosophically expressed : Na + Ni = We
    We now have a Nyani / Sadhguru conducting a lesson for the rest of us
    to help find the very elusive Peace & Prosperity that we are ALL seeking/missing
    from the Dawn of Civilization gwb

  5. Nani: is success overated
    Sadguru: Alexander didn't drink water 😂
    Again Nani: is Disthtri is there?
    Sadguru: they used to bath trice a day😂
    Aslo me:😆

  6. Sadhguru do you still think the earth is a planet?? Have you examined the world in which you live? Or do you know from personal experience? The world is waking up knowing the earth is flat ,stationery and the centre of universe. Is the greatest consciousness shift in the history of humanity. The earth is a centre of universe its the only truth topic that can bring down the entire eliterun control system by itself!!
    If you think you live on a planet.
    Congratulations Sadhguru NWO (New World Order) have completed your brainwashing successfully. Can you prove one piece of FACTUL and irrefutable evidence in support two things. A) the curvature of the alleged spinning ball Earth. B) the motion of the alleged spinning ball Earth.
    If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."The earth is a planet is the biggest lie ever told,and even believed. So stop defending their lies and wake up. The abaurdity of the globe is believing that water's surface takes the shape of what is undornoath. Even if oceans were forced to stick to the ball earth because of gravity, the water still remain leave, not curved!
    All the space agencies are controlled by NASA including ISRO. NASA they are liars.
    Horizon always at eye level and water always find its flatness. Is only possible on a flat plane. Truth is only visible to those who are able to question everything that they have been taught to believe.
    So trust your eyes, and trust your experience. Trust your feelings and trust your intuition. Search for the truth Sadhguru. Never forget,the bodies of water always seek and find level. Is only possible on a flat plane. Research it Sadhguru.

  7. Not that I am criticizing Hinduism, but his firm beliefs that about ayodhya kingdom existing and war fought and anchoring it to reality rather than mythology doesn't seem like him anymore.

  8. It is basically the same thing he says in all this conversations.. just the way of explaining is different rightly apt for the audience.. somehow every time he answers anything I know what he going to say, but something keeps me wanting to listen more

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