Actor Nani with Sadhguru – In Conversation with the Mystic

Telugu actor Nani, known as the “Natural Star”, was in conversation with Sadhguru on 23 June 2019. Check out the interesting QnA session where Nani asked Sadhguru about parenting, success and lots more.

6:13 Does growing beard make people take us seriously ??
8:33 Is success overrated ?
29:40 The concept of Dhrishti (evil eye). Does that exist ?
38:05 How do you come up with great answers for difficult questions ?
46:43 What is the right way of parenting ? Leave them free or be strict ?
53:51 Why do we have a good opinion about people after they are dead ?
59:30 Is overexposure pushing the next generation into a depressed state of mind ?
1:18:30 What is your view on Deja Vu ? (the feeling that we already saw the same thing happening in the past)
1:21:45 Entertainment videos now-a-days have lot of sexual and violent content. Is it justified ?
1:32:21 Being an Engineer, I am afraid to take up farming as I am not sure if I can make a survival.
1:45:34 Can we use movies to spread spiritual awarness among people ?
1:51:50 Why only few realised beings become God but others dont ? Will there be a successor to you ?
2:03:24 Does a person’s name have an influence on what he becomes ?

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