Access Unbounded Creativity: Meditation with Jeff Carreira

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This hour-long presentation begins with a 20-minute talk about creativity and how meditation supports it. The opening presentation is followed by a 20-minute guided meditation and a concluding Q & A session.

Download my free eBook and 10-day Meditation eCourse here!

By looking into the nature of both creativity and consciousness, we discover how the practice of meditation gives us access to profound creative potential. Those of us who are compelled to find a new paradigm for human existence know that we need more access to awareness beyond the known. The mind makes meaning by translating all of our sense perceptions into terms that make it fit into our existing worldview. Meditation gives us to access the unbounded creativity that lies beyond our current habits of mind.

Over twenty years ago I dedicated myself to a full and intense spiritual life. I let go of the life I was living so that I could experience the ultimate. During the past two decades I have been blessed with spiritual breakthroughs and energetic openings beyond my wildest dreams. Theses episodes have left a permanent impression upon my soul. And I would like to offer these insights to you.


Because the world we see around us is a direct reflection of our current state of consciousness. Human beings have become a global force that shapes the planet we live in. So much of the way the world is – the beauty and the horror – is a natural outcome of how we experience reality at the most fundamental level.

Our world will change as we do. As we let go of our current experience of being human we will become available for a new possibility. This creative leap will bring about a new world. The ultimate reason for meditation is to give us the chance to let go of who we are and the way we think the world is, so that we are available to evolve into something wonderful together..

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