Abraham Hicks Guided Meditation GENERAL – Theta (5.5hz) Binaural Beats w/ Breath Count


So, I’m a musician who does yoga, and Abraham Hicks’ guided meditations have uplifted me when I’ve settled into Savasana at the end of a session. But, the more I listened, the more I wanted to improve upon it.

What it really needed was some pleasant white noise to block out external sounds, and sexy binaural beats to put the listener in a focused, yet receptive stated of mind, so I made that happen, after delving into the science behind binaural beats & brainwave frequencies.*

Another issue was that there were no breath counts on the tracks, and focusing on the breathing pattern is essential to the experience. Since not everyone knows how to count bars, I made it easy by adding a pleasant British lady who generously donated her time to the cause.**

The free stock videos I’ve used correspond to the seasons, and it ends on Spring if you listen to them in order.

Feel free to listen to just one fifteen-minute session, or string them together for an hour-long, deep experience.

Hope you love this project as much as I do.

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And http://www.abraham-hicks.com started it all, so they deserve some love.

(Fair use, et. all is well legalese.)

*Google it, yo. Also check out the Gnaural app (http://gnaural.sourceforge.net).

**She’s AI but it’s OK: we’re totally cool.


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