A Spiritual Experience Meditation – Subliminal Visualization Video & Manifestation Movie

Download the full version of this visualization mind movie and many more subliminals at http://abundantmind.com/youtube/

THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR YOU if you find depictions of many different types of faiths and religious symbols together in one video offensive. This subliminal video acknowledges that many different faiths have their own understanding of “GOD” or Divinity. It brings them all together in one production, allowing the viewer to focus not on one specific Faith, but rather on the human necessity for belief in a Higher Power. Doesn’t the fact that most of us acknowledge the need for something greater than ourselves show how closely related we really are, regardless of religion or nationality?

HEADPHONES REQUIRED This video uses binaural beat frequencies that will entrain your brainwaves to patterns similar to those during deep spiritual experiences and meditations. The subliminals encoded in this production include:

I am safe in the hands of God
All things are possible with God
Let go, let God
I am created in the image of God
I am a magnet for God’s Love
I am a child of God
I have the peace of God residing in me
I can feel God moving through me
God loves me
God is Great
I am God’s beloved child
God takes care of all my needs
God loves me
God lives inside my heart
I am thankful for God’s endless treasures
I am led by the spirit of God

…and hundreds more.


44 thoughts on “A Spiritual Experience Meditation – Subliminal Visualization Video & Manifestation Movie

  1. Dear Ty / iGodMind
    A golden child ( now 14 years old) watched for a longer period of time American Horror story and other scary movies (always in the headphones), she become a real trouble maker; problems at school and at home, including police intervention, she become extremely rude and she hates God. She has manipulated her Doctor and psychologist, so they said she is fine, but in reality she is turning into a monster. I wish to help her, before will be to late. Do You think Your video could change her behaviour? -M.

  2. i check out your websites, do u have the ones that including voice speaking, i really would like to buy it, but i wonna be able to listen on my bed 

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  4. This beat is simular to Having good luck beat, tell me that the beats don't make a matter to what kind of attraction you have already the commands you recieve must be imporant

  5. Thank you I'm glad you enjoy it. I use basically all the tools of a full production to create the sounds or music. I use special software for creating binaural beats of specific frequencies, then I mix it all together during the editing phase.

  6. As a healer and light worker, I am very impressed by the energetic potential of this work. I share your channel with all of my clients. It is such a blessing to listen to this work while I channel. It gives me a higher vibration, great healing, and has made a great difference in my personal life, as well. I would love to know more about how you create the sounds, as a sound healer who uses tones, whistles, melody, chant. Blessings, FE

  7. while listening to this, I feel like I'm releasing something heavy at top of my head,and it feels so light now, and I feel the fresh energy flowing inside my head, filling and recharged it! Thanx for uploading this..may GOD bless u 🙂

  8. I love all of ur videos and just started to listen to them. One question, why always that silverish blue colour? Looks like u have been guided through some ET..Just a thought..

  9. One God. There is no one right religion. All those who bear the testimony of Jesus Christ and follow Him with all their heart, mind and strength are those who will inherit the Kingdom of God. I love you guys! And i pray God will reveal that which needs to be shown to you to correct that which you are doing that is not right or that He may prove to you that He indeed sent Jesus for our salvation. Grace and Peace to you all from our Lord Jesus Christ.

  10. In my opinion your subconscious mind is causing a very powerful physical reaction. It could mean that it's very awake, ready to accept any positive programming that you give it.

  11. Most people won't start with the source, try to understand it, and build up from there like you. Most want the quick fix or an instant answer. I do my best to make every production effective. But in the end, you get out of it what you're willing to put into it.

  12. Hey Thanks Ty, This is beautiful. I've been checking out your other clips & i love them! It's funny how the "God" one has way fewer views than some of the others….because for me, this is the start of the whole thing…go straight to the Source…& money, success, healing, joy, peace will come automatically. As a student of the A Course in Miracles…this is a core teaching…I Am in God & He dwells In me. Sha-BAAM! The Kingdom is within…. thanks Ty

  13. Wow! Wonderful collection of spiritual images,brings back memories of Thailand, Morocco and the Holy Land for me. Have you been to Bhutan at all? That's top on my places to visit. Anyhow, Thank You for producing this video. Well done.

  14. I just want to say i will be posting my experiences on your website. Your videos have changed my life in dramatic ways and i am thankful for you making them. They are my secret weapon in a chaotic world of brainless TV and Negative Forces that would try and hold me back.

  15. 1) It doesn't. It's probably a video artifact or result of something in post production that makes it look like a "s". Clearly the message is intended as "God inspires me" which is in line with all the other listed commands.
    2) Why would you say serpent? There are lots of other "s" words. Why not think it was "super"?
    3) Because there's not enough room to write 300 or commands. That's why the description lists SOME commands and says "and hundreds more".

    Serpent…you're funny.

  16. Hey why does it say sGod inspires me ? Who is the sGod ? The serpent God ? why did you put that in the subliminals ? Why isn't it listed as one of the video commands ? Please Explain !

  17. Love your videos! 🙂 Are there subliminal messages in the audio as well as the video? Can I just listen, or do I have to watch? Thank you.

  18. This video is for people that consciously want to program their subconscious to achieve certain results or certain states of mind. This entire channel is about subliminal entrainment. You'll find examples of some of the subliminal suggestions listed in the description of this video.

  19. same here and he right you can be spirtual without being religious i recieved enlightment my first time on a magic mushroom trip and had telepathic communion with the higher power and felt its presence . and this was after being raised atheist all my life . first tim
    e in my life that i actually believed in a god/higher power

  20. This is a genuinely inspiring video with – as usual – great binuaral crafting. Thank you so much for creating this. I am usually afraid of this sort of thing on youtube, because positives generally seem to be a magnet for negitivity. Just generally – we've all seen it. I embrace my faith and spirituality and somehow it seems the fad for some youtubers to a) unkindly forced their own embraces on others or b) nullify that which people embrace. None of which is of God.

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