29 thoughts on “A child’s guide to hospital: CT – Head

  1. I got a ct scan to look for a concussion how I got a concussion was a really funny story😂 I was in gym standing by a brick wall a kid kick really hard and it got my face and the back of my head bashed into the wall

  2. Wish that she was the radiologist when I had one done. It was an emergency, the tech didn't explain anything. There was no pillow and a long oversized sheet was draped over the equipment right down to the floor. I didn't know that the table was going to go under the enclosure, so it freaked me out a bit. If the procedure was explained to me, it would not have been such a shock. I didn't even know the the table that I was laying on was going to move. There was no pillow either and I was very uncomfortable.

  3. I'd had one of these before when I was little I fell on my kitchen floor and had a big bump on my head and I went to the hospital to get an X-ray but when I'd sawed the ct scan I was scared but when it was over the doctor told me I'd did great then I got a sticker and a little teddy bear That's was my story when I had A ct scan

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