A 20-second Crash Course To Become More Receptive

A seeker asks Sadhguru how to get connected and become more receptive. Sadhguru explains how becoming receptive is a natural process if one brings the right kind of awareness.


Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/a-20-second-crash-course-to-become-more-receptive/

Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru. I sometimes try and connect you through my deep being but I cannot hear your response and I feel alone…

I am practicing regularly, can you please tell me how do I become more receptive and can get more connected to you?

Sadhguru: Stop using your DB. Don’t use your deep being (Laughs), don’t try to connect because with all these things you will go into hallucinatory states of mind. Then Sadhguru will start talking to you and things will happen and – don’t get into that. So what should I do? If I have to be receptive what should I do? What is it that is blocking one’s receptivity? It is just that if you coat anything with too many things, it can’t feel it, isn’t it? Right now you’re too much of a gathering (Audio disturbance), too much of a gathering. Too many things have been gathered which you call as myself – starting from your physical body; at least though there is considerable room to expand, physical body has some limitations. You cannot expand beyond… you cannot gather beyond a point at least. If you gather too much, collection time will come soon. Yes? At least physical body there is a limitation, but with the mental structure you can gather phenomenally, and when carrying such a heap on your head you won’t feel anything, especially if you start believing the heap that you’re carrying is yourself.

The less you become, the more receptive you become. The more you become, the less receptive you become. Or in other words, to put it very bluntly, you’re too full of yourself. If you reduce that, how can you not feel? You will have to feel. What should I feel, should I hear your voice? Please don’t; if you want to hear my voice, put on a CD or something. If you’re hearing voices, then you need treatment. This is not about hearing voices. What is being put into you in the form of initiation is a live process. If you are not too full of yourself, if you sit here it will constantly reverberate within you; always. What it has cost to do this? If we want to just teach you something, it would be very simple, but to put a live process into you, it takes so many things. I don’t want to explain all those things now. So once there is a living energy within you, all you have to do is clear the space for it. If you clear the space, you cannot miss it. If you want sunlight to come in, you don’t have to do any big fighting, just have to open the window, isn’t it?

Read Full Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/a-20-second-crash-course-to-become-more-receptive/


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29 thoughts on “A 20-second Crash Course To Become More Receptive

  1. aweee.. his question stung my heart..??
    ive taken on SanathanDharm because of that very question…as my own…

    i ran around my home all by myself everyday. * EVERY DAY *
    sharing my food, singing, with Ganeesha, Laxmi and Dhanvantari..
    talking to them in air,
    singing with them,
    playing cards or making art..
    after they visited we said our short goodbyes…
    id write to them before bed…
    and called upon them in the morning all over again to see if theyd have the time to spend with me again..
    i realized deeper into yoga and study, that i had went mad…
    but it was important for me to have gone through that process of madness… they saftey taught me detachment.. scared the stuffing outta me to overcome my fears.. then one day, they left..
    and im very greatfuull the times i was receptive and opened enough to experience the spiritual teachings even for a short moments at a time..
    it changed me forever….

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