5Hz Deeper Theta Relax For Meditation With Pure Isochronic Tones

This video uses Isochronic Tones to gradually guide you down to the low Theta frequency of 5Hz, which it reaches at the 11 minute mark.

Once you reach the 5Hz frequency you are held there until the 33 mark, where you are gently guided back up to 9Hz in Alpha, where you remain until the end of this brainwave entrainment session.

This is a pure Isochronic Tones session without any added background sounds, to give you the strongest entrainment effect.

Headphones NOT Essential But Recommended

Unlike the Binaural Beats version of this session on my channel, you do not need headphones to listen to this video effectively. However, using headphones will usually intensify the brainwave entrainment experience, by blocking out distracting noises.

Volume Level

Please adjust the volume level to suit your preference, but make sure the volume is loud enough to hear the beats effectively.


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