528 Hz Love Frequency Healing DNA Repair Meditation Miracles Transformation Awakening Music

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Here you will see all the benefits meditation offers to you, your health your personal success, your life…
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I can prepare for you more in depth insight into your programs you have “received” when you came here to “Earth experience”, and with help of this we will look, what are your potential, and where are your biggest challenges, and after you know this, you will get also the knowledge and technique how to turn on all of your potentials – and live them to the fullest.
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26 thoughts on “528 Hz Love Frequency Healing DNA Repair Meditation Miracles Transformation Awakening Music

  1. nicola tesla said , to discover the secrets of the universe one must…………………. universe means ONE SONG ! the universe is in us and we are all one . LOVE LIGHT AND PEACE TO ALL LIGHT WORKERS

  2. I'm new to listening to frequency tones, in fact this is my first one. Can someone please explain why I may have got a headache whilst listening to it. I thought it would subside and so I focused on love throughout but it didn't . However it left me when it ended. I now have this droning sound inside my head. What is that I'm experiencing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I didn't see what this frequency was before my meditation on purpose. But without going into detail I saw Lovw, Miracles and Transformation. Amazing.

  4. By stating the music is in 528Hz are you simply saying it is in the key of C when A is tuned to 444Hz? I thought the revolution was to tune A to 432Hz in which case C would be 513.74Hz.

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