417 Hz REMOVE ALL THE NEGATIVE ENERGY In and Around You | 9 Hours

417 Hz Music to REMOVE ALL THE NEGATIVE and BBAD ENERGY In and Around You. This is a special sleep music edition . Screen will turn to black slowly in 7-10 mins.

READ more about how to cleanse negative energy from your home here using 417 hz solfeggio frequency : http://meditativemind.org/how-to-clear-negative-bad-energy-from-a-room-a-house-and-even-yourself/

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44 thoughts on “417 Hz REMOVE ALL THE NEGATIVE ENERGY In and Around You | 9 Hours

  1. Para la persona que se sienta sola y sin amor yo te amo yo te entiendo y sufro contigo. En tiempos oscuros yo se que en veces quieres terminar con todo hasta con tu vida tan preciosa que es. Recuerdo que ese sentimiento pasará y después de todo saldrás más fuerte más valiente y más lleno de amor. En el momento es deficit imaginarlo possible pero lo es. Agarrémonos fuerte de la mano y salir adelante. No te importe lo que digan los que te lastiman porque lo que siembren eso mismo lo cosecharán. No te preocupes por crear tu propia justicia. Enfócate en amarte, en tus metas y en la gente que realidad te quiere. Yo te quiero. Abrazos fuertes y ánimo que tus bendiciones están al rededor de la esquina esperando que alces la cabeza para poder obtenerlas.

  2. You… Yes I'm talking about you ..
    Here for some changes in your life?

    Peaceful and silence have all answers of all questions 🙂

    Let's close your eyes and do not think any things … Just close your eyes… U will get super energy u can do anything whatever u want.

    Namaste 🙏

  3. I know everyone always says this…but all the comments are just so wonderful!! Its so refreshing to actually want to scroll thru and its just one beautiful comment after another…Why can't people like us run the government/world. One day…. XOXO

  4. I live with my boyfriend and his mom and I'm really beginning to hate her..all she does is yell and scream and say evil negative things all day everyday…she claims to know God and pray but doesn't go to church or anything else to get closer to the man above…I just want to live in my own home and not ever return to her house she is a witch and It's so bad I had too look up how to rid negative energy she is a major curse in my life… somebody please pray for me and p.s. since I cut this video on she stopped cursing and acting foolish God is Soo good it makes me want to cry seeing that this actually really worked😍😍😍 PEACE AND HAPPINESS TO BEAUTIFUL SOULS – KEKE

  5. All these comments are beautiful. Glad to see all the woke fam. Haha. I love you too. Anyone who reads this. I am a healer taker of pain. I can cleanse the darkest of souls. I use to pray to one god. And I felt it was wrong but it's how most are raised. So I stopped and instead prayed to the universe to the energy's that surround us. As we tumble through space. We are all those things combined to make the most amazing beings on this planet today. Their are many souls on this earth . Waiting for all you lost ones. Listen to us for we are the ancient light. We are bright and strong. Turn negative into positive. We are the angels on earth. And we love all love .let us light your path and set you free. So you can be ready for the best you. / soulmate

  6. Here after an argument with my boyfriend. I know that no matter what happens, if he stays or goes I'll be okay. I was okay before him. I love me independent of him loving me.
    I am at peace and God loves me. God is with me at all times. He never leaves. I am going to persevere no matter what.

  7. I am worthy of love. We are all worthy of love and prosperity. I pray for all you on this comment section. Though I may not physically know you, but I know our energies are all loving and caring. Bless you all

  8. I was feeling stressed but this voice inside told me "clear negativity" and I found this, instantly felt a peacefulness, thank you beautiful soul

  9. Hey man, don't forget you are the one in the centre of your universe, Who leave you or who make you mistakes, control your negative emotions and Move on.
    Take it as experience , accept it as a challange and move on . Once you move on, you will discover your strenght . Your sould have big universe, don't wait someone to complete yourself.
    You are never alone, you are strenght is biggest army in your life.

  10. Always the same kind of comments on these , let's nit be fake people most you who claim to be about love and light would ignore people in need. Let's be real here. Much love to the people who are genuine, but if you were all so loving the planet wouldnt be like this and we wouldnt need these frequencies. . Truth over Lies. .


  12. Did anyone else have a physical purge or should I blame it on Taco Bell ? either way I'm thankful get all the negatives out of me and out from around me. My daughter and I listening to this at night and I woke up needing to use the restroom in a major way , tmi but it wanted to come out from both ends smh very painful. I'm an empath and massage therapist so I've had some real experiences with energies and I've been going through a lot so my intuition is saying this purge wasn't Taco Bell or maybe it's places like TB that isbthe negative energy to stop giving myself to …. Anyways I did a full body scan and chakra cleans meditation while receiving a massage yesterday along with this at night maybe my soul is on detox overload but it needs to be done. With this frequency my soul is cleaning it's avatar and my spirit MAJOR. Much love everyone just sharing my physical purge in case others were unsure or too coy to express. … Thank you for my deep cleans this isn't a joke but I'm a funny gal … Laugh out loud & feel the tension leave your body and ease your mind. …. Or stay awat from Taco Bell lol much love everyone namaste

  13. I’ve been doing great and helping many people around me. But today I decided to let myself run ramped and say and do whatever I felt like and tonight has been nothing but negative exciting energy in my body fueling me and I absolutely despise it since I recently found love and greatness in this world. Stay strong and everyone remember positivity is always stronger than negativity^^ go be what you want to be in life.

  14. This is very much needed, 20years of negativity build up I'm working on releasing bit by bit everyday. I continue to think of God's love for me because That's all I have. Stayed prayed up. Bless you💙🐐

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