300 subscribers!!! Thank you!! Introducing new guided meditations.Vlog21

Today I am introducing a new feature to my channel: free meditations. The 1st meditation, titled “Attune to Universal Love Energy. Expand your heart’s electromagnetic field. Be Love” is now posted (see link below). New meditations will be posted periodically to assist in the awakening, transformational, integration and ascension process. They will be an accompaniment to some of the topics shared in my vlogs.

Thank you for all your love and support!

Lots of love!!!
Michèle 💖xo


ATTENTION: This channel is not intended for children 13 and under.

This channel was created to help grown adults navigate their human journey through the challenges of a spiritual awakening.

During my childhood, I lived through 2 years of extraordinary metaphysical astral projections where I experienced infinite consciousness. Through these nightly travels, energetic entities showed me how to navigate the illusions of our 3D world. I was taught how to embody their teachings within a human life so our souls could evolve as we flourish.

In these videos you will find help navigating the challenges that come up as our soul becomes a graceful partner in the human ascension journey.

New videos every Monday 2pm ET.


Attune to Universal Love Energy. Expand your heart’s electromagnetic field. Be Love.MDmeditation1:

Vlog #20 – The Heart of 5D:


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35 thoughts on “300 subscribers!!! Thank you!! Introducing new guided meditations.Vlog21

  1. hello its so nice to meet you! im a Yoga teacher outside of youtube, ive been wanting to start a wellness channel and maybe i will with time! thanks for sharing you gift of love with us! keep on creating and ill see you later! namaste! 🤗🤗🤗

  2. I’m so very happy that Pusa introduced me to you. Divine intervention 🙏 I am loving your message and as a starseed myself I definitely feel a soul connection to your work. I subscribed and can’t wait to watch more from you. So much love 💗

  3. Bon jour, Michele! Congratulations on the growth of your channel and its reach! Your powerful messages of empowerment are so very beautifully finding where they are most needed. Thank you, Michele! (I had to cut back on screen time because of problems with dry eyes. I hope to be back more frequently in days to come. Know that you are never far away. xxx)

  4. Dear Michéle DUQUET! By a chance we found your beautiful and inspiring channel and subscribed! This is an enchanting video, about introducing a new feature to your channel:free meditations. Congratulations on 300 subscribers! An outstanding video! Great work! Thanks for this great experience! Thumbs up! We also love creativity, including photographing, composing music and video editing. As an introduction to our works and to give some unique experience we recommend you two special videos, the first one is music inspired by the majestic nature, with a chill-out orchestration, combined with Alexandra's timelapse video compilation :

    the other one is a respect and a commemoration video about Leonardo Da Vinci's works, paintings and inventions, with my special composition:

    With friendly regards, Alex and Alexandra

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