3 Ways to Heal Your Painful Past and Raise Your Vibration

This video I’ll share 3 Ways to Heal Your Painful Past. Once you KNOW how to let go and move on…..you’ll automatically Raise Your Vibration. This video has the potential to shift your timeline in an amazing way.

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This video I’m going to be sharing with you 3 ways to heal your painful past and raise your vibration. These are 3 very different ways of going about it. All 3 can work in a very powerful way.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video, I’m going to be sharing with you three of the most powerful ways to heal your painful past and to raise your vibration.

These are things that I’ve applied in my own life, some of them in different categories. Maybe one of these I’m going to share with you. I used back in 2012 13 when I went through my initial spiritual awakening.

One or two of the other ones I found sooner that are more recent and I’ve used it for other things as well, so understanding as well that right now on the planet, it’s a time where a lot of things you may feel or become are coming up.

I know that I see it in myself. I see things coming up from my past, even stuff that I thought that I already dealt with, like certain childhood memories and stuff like that. It’s coming up to the forefront so that I can become aware of it and then I can use one of these processes and then let them go.

I notice it in so many other people as well, whether it’s people that reach out to me saying, why is it I just read a comment and one of my dms it says, why does this awakening process feel like an emotional roller coaster?

Or people wondering, um, why these things are being brought up when they think that it’s about raising the consciousness of the planet right now the vibration is increasing and the truth is the vibration is increasing, but part of the vibration increasing has to do with all of these suppressed memories that maybe we haven’t dealt with.

I’m coming up to the surface now. Before I even get into sharing the three things I’m going to be sharing today. Something I read last night in the book, the law of one, which some of you may have heard me reference before, it talks about forgiveness of the self.

It said that Karma stops. We build up Karma, which you can think of as inertia. When things happen we we build up this Karma and until we forgive the other or the self, so until we forgive the person that did something to us or we forgive ourself for something that happened as well, we keep that Karma going.

That’s what we may drag in the each experience we have each different parts of our life. Maybe you find that you’ve had a certain type of relationship over and over and over again or a similar thing happens at your job where something happens and then the same thing happens a little bit down the road as well.

These are all patterns that just haven’t been dealt with yet. Things that haven’t got up to the surface. And also it’s something that you just haven’t maybe healed or forgiven yourself or someone else for doing something to you. So what Rah said in the law of one is that it’s about forgiveness of the other and forgiveness of the self.

So then we see that it’s about then healing in a way. It heals our energy fields when we do that because if we remain angry towards someone else, then that remains in our energetic field. And then even though that’s someone else may leave, we’ll find someone else to reflect back.

That same incongruency there. And I say this from experience because if you know my story, I had an ex step mom that that was abusive. And then what happened is after going to the, uh, after she left my life at 15, I then had a girlfriend at the time who had very controlling type tendencies as well, very similar, very jealous, very a lot of negative emotion.

And then after I broke up with her, I then had a manager, I got transferred to a better department at where I worked, which was Nordstrom’s in a Nordstrom’s and women’s shoes. And then I got transferred to a better department with the manager. That was almost the same as my accept mom. Then I applied one of the techniques I’m sharing with you today, and within two weeks she got fired and it was taken for…..

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32 thoughts on “3 Ways to Heal Your Painful Past and Raise Your Vibration

  1. Big oofs here Aaron….. I've been struggling with my past due these past few years…… Unwanted memories from back when I was 9-12 years old. The current events that are feeling way too much like those years I thought I could just push away from…. I mean I always knew I'd have to face them but not after the one good year I had almost everything semi figured out.
    And lately I've been a whole mess (emotionally speaking) and I really don't feel ready but I got to do it sometime, hope one, if not all will help me understand it better.

  2. Thank god you are speaking about this Aaron!! I have been confused about this with loa for ages! Triggers trigger purging and I just haven’t been sure what ‘to do’ with it. Is it just recognizing it and forgiving it, then it will go on it’s own? Thank you so much Aaron 🙂 Love you, Leeor and Vic so much.

  3. Thank you Aaron, I have a very traumatic past, but as you said my suffering was my greatest teacher. I'm very grateful for your videos, you and Victor really helped me a lot. I always recommend you both to all my friends. Have a wonderful day, Namaste.

  4. Hi Aaron!
    Thank you for your videos 1stly 😊
    2nd, Thank you for addressing Ho'o pono pono. I 1st came across this through Dr. Joe Vitale in 2011 or 2012. I chanted and meditated it daily for about 8 weeks.
    This is the neat part. This is the 2nd time I'm watching your video on this and I finally heard your explanation of it and it clicked! I had been viewing it differently, and your explanation makes complete sense!
    Thanks man, it only took me 7- ish years to massage the connection, and it was through your vlog.

    Keep on vlogging !

  5. You are true , my past was hard I had a wish to die so that bring me cancer(after my mom died) than I began to wake up. I love your videos, so much good energy. You are amazing!

  6. Wow thank you Aaron! I felt like you were talking directly to me with everything that came up yesterday for me. You even referenced the books and people who have had the biggest impact in my life. It was really helpful to know that the way I am moving through the past that is resurfacing for me at this time is a way that works very well and to have clarity on some of the things I was questioning like the law of attraction.
    I had gone to a meditation group where we practiced E.P.C. – Etheric plane communication. We did 2 rounds where we were shown or chose (in our meditative state) people we had unfinished business with where we then go to speak with them.
    So thank you, everything you shared was a perfect reminder for me during this process as well as the meditation which I will continue for the next couple weeks. 🙂

  7. Thankyou for sharing this video on healing methods of past.. bcoz I too have experienced that being a kid we think differently n as we grow we strictly judge those painful memories not understanding that it happened for me and not to me.. Thankyou for making this video which is worth listening n implimenting through practice. Practice will help in changing the thought Process..🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌😇

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