3 Reasons Why You Need Rhodiola Rosea If You Are Struggling With Depression – Health Benefits [2019]

Rhodiola Rosea Benefits: The Shocking Truth About Rhodiola Root – Health Benefits, Side Effects & Dangers! New 2019

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This is one one of my favorite longevity herbs.

Rhodiola Rosea is big in the nootropics helath scene. People use Rhodiola Rosea for anxiety, focus and energy.

I was in a lot of depression and felt down in the dumps a few years ago during the harsh cold Calgary Alberta winter.

A friend introduces me to this adapotogenic herb and I made a tea out of the roots. The smell alone was so warming and started to open up my heat. It taste and smells like roses. The tea was so uplifting. It’s nick named the artic rose root.

#1 – It it is an adaptogenic herb like ginseng, schizandra berry and rehishi mushroom. Adaptogens keep us in our rest and restore mode even when we are faced with a lot of stress in our life. It is amazing for the adrenals. Produce hormones and saves them when needed.

#2 Protects the heart. If you have a panic attack or just a super intense workout the rhodiola helps stabilizes and balance the heart as soon as the stress is over. You feel relaxed and repaired and back into that rest mode.

#3 – Increase blood supply to the brain. This increases healing to the brain and detoxing the brain. Other herbs like ginkgo or bacopa when taking rhodiola it helps drive these herbs to the brain. Over all brain health is improved.

They did a double blind placebo control group study and the people who people who will depressed in the non placebo group was and over all mood, energy and significant well nights restful sleep. This helps with chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue.

This natural medicine has out performed a lot of common antidepressants.

Warning, if you are on antidepressants like MAOIs please get supervision, talk to your that your doctor that you like or someone you trust. Make sure to do your research and get monitored.

If you are consistently over thinking things Rhodeola might not be the best for you. It is important to have good resting practices like yoga or meditation when taking this herb.

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