254.958kph Speed Ski World Record 2016, Fastest non-motorised humans on the planet.

Ivan Origone and Valentina Greggio of Italy beat the World Record with speeds of 254.958kph (158.424 mph) and 247.038kph (153,502mph).

Two world records were broken today in VARS la Forêt Blanche (France) at the Speedmasters in Speed Ski, a non-FIS event.

Ivan Origone (ITA) broke his brother’s record by 2,5km/h and set a new benchmark at 254,958km/h. His brother, Simone Origone, had held 3 world records since 2006.

The new women’s record holder is also from Italy. Valentina Greggio, who with two World Cup events to go is already the overall FIS Speed Ski World Cup winner, set a new speed record with 247,038km/h and beat the 10 year old record set by Sanna Tidstrand from Sweden.

Thanks MasMovil, Atomic Skiing, GoPro, Leki and Bumpy Films.


34 thoughts on “254.958kph Speed Ski World Record 2016, Fastest non-motorised humans on the planet.

  1. WRONG jumping off a cliff will make you much faster than sliding down a slope.
    What a stupid claim "fastest non motorised human". stupid fucking clickbait. reported for wasting my time and lying to me.

  2. It's impossible for them to go faster than someone falling in the sky first off the skier has friction from contact with snow and then the fact he isn't going straight down so impossible to reach terminal velocity ..because the sky diver is only deal with one force which is wind but angling the body helps that and it also depends on which altitude his speed is clocked at the higher up the less air which is less friction so nothing can beat a object falling from the sky(no motor operated machine)

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