World Healing Guided Meditation With The Angels- Heal People, Animals, The Earth, Family & Yourself

This guided meditation has been created as a way for you to be able to send out healing to the earth, people, situations, animals and the plants. With so many different situations happening on earth, it can sometimes feel overwhelming for Lightworkers and Empaths, as we very often feel the pain of the earth and the trauma that people and…

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Sri M answers – (Short Video) – Is detachment in relationships necessary in our spiritual quest?

‘Sri M answers’ series is a collection of short videos from various question-answer sessions and satsangs with Sri M. Q : Is it necessary to detach ourselves from our relationships to progress in our spiritual quest? Sri M – “I don’t think it is necessary for the spiritual quest, to get detached from social relationships completely. It is not required.…

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ASMR Deeply calming 3 minute meditation. It really works! Soothing female voice. Not whispered.

ASMR soothing female voice. Very softly spoken, not whispered. This is a deeply relaxing, soothing, and calming guided meditation especially for those who are needing to be in a calmer state of being in a short amount of time. It is also great for quick stress relief. It is highly effective and helps train the mind to remember to do…

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The 7 Phase Shifts of Meditation + 7 Helpful Tips on the Spiritual Journey ~ Shunyamurti Seminar

If you enjoyed this video please click the like button and subscribe to our channel for more spiritual wisdom from Shunyamurti. 03:19 ~ The 7 Phase Shifts of Meditation 52:57 ~ 7 Helpful Tips on the Spiritual Journey Excerpt: So, when you begin to meditate, you will probably begin—if you have a devotional sense, that comes with meditation—if it’s not…

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