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Heal Your Body With Your Mind Naturally With Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda

Website: Heal Your Body With Your Mind Caryle Hirshberg and the late Brendan O’Regan, defined spontaneous remission as “the disappearance, complete or incomplete, of a disease or cancer without medical treatment or treatment that is considered inadequate to produce the resulting disappearance of disease symptoms or tumor.” Did you know that the medical community has overwhelming data to support…

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6 Hour Sleep Music For Easy Lucid Dreaming

◢ Using a new set of complex frequency patterns associated to sleep spindles, good sleep and lucid dreaming, this 6-hour music track is embedded with binaural beats and isochronic tones found in the Delta and Theta ranges, which flow in and out, from 0.5Hz to 8Hz, in different time sequences, starting off as a trigger for relaxation and for inducing…

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MEDITATION technique that improves endurance for TRIATHLETES: Wim Hof Method

This type of meditation technique combines the Wim Hof Method with meditation will improve V02 max for triathletes looking to improve their endurance without the crushing triathlon training required to improve endurance. Subscribe to Triathlon Taren: View the Best of Triathlon Taren: source

The Spiritual Seekers Guide, Simran Practice in Sant Mat, and Introductory Meditation Instructions

Below Are NOTES About Today’s PODCAST (7-3-18): The Spiritual Seekers Guide, Simran Practice in Sant Mat, and Introductory Meditation Instructions — Sant Mat Satsang Podcast & Spiritual Awakening Radio With James Bean * Donate Button Here: There is No Spirituality Without Spirit: “So long as you do not experience the withdrawal of spirit within you [during meditation], the spiritual…

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Shifting Into Abundance [MeTime Meditation]

Awaken to your Inner Power! Meditate into your Desired Life with the brand new…and channeled… “MeTime Meditations”. If you’re tired of living the same old story… If you know that the Law of Attraction works…but it doesn’t seem to be working in your favor… If you desire more for your life… …more purpose …more meaning …more abundance …more freedom …then…

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