2 HOURS of Relaxing Music – Meditation and Sleeping music – Zen Music – Spa and Massage Music

The best relaxing music for sleeping with nature sounds. Long music for relaxation and meditation. Soothing and calming music.

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Listening to the music, our sub-consciousness is awakened. It is guiding us to a brand new discovery of our potentials, to relaxation, and to creativity.

“Meditation Impromptu 01 02 03” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Relaxation in psychology, is the emotional state of a living being, of low tension, in which there is an absence of arousal that could come from sources such as anger, anxiety, or fear. Relaxation is a form of mild ecstasy coming from the frontal lobe of the brain in which the backward cortex sends signals to the frontal cortex via a mild sedative. Relaxation can be achieved through meditation, autogenics, and progressive muscle relaxation. Relaxation helps improve coping with stress. Stress is the leading cause of mental problems and physical problems,[citation needed] therefore feeling relaxed is beneficial for a person’s health. When we are stressed, the sympathetic nervous system is activated because we are in a fight-or-flight response mode; over time, this could have negative effects on a human body.

The benefits of relaxation can be found in three main areas of an individual’s health, including; mental, physical and physiological health. Being relaxed can do positive things for someone’s health from just elevating your mood to helping with insomnia. All of these things can help an individual live a happier and healthier life and may increase the longevity of one’s life. There are not many draw backs of relaxation. It is an easy technique to understand and follow through with. Three categories that relaxation can help with are mental, physical, and physiological.


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