161003 Anna Kujawa's ACIM Miracle Meditations

This is the opening meditation for Anna Kujawa’s October 10th 2016 Course in Miracles class at The Rocky Mountain Miracle Center in Denver. Anna opens each of her classes with meditations aimed at quieting & opening the mind to the voice of truth & healing in each of our minds. These brief opening meditations can be useful in focusing the mind as well as opening the mind to radical healing. These short meditations can also be placed in a playlist with other opening meditations for meditations of longer durations.
Anna Kujawa, LPC, is a Course in Miracles facilitator at The Rocky Mountain Miracle Center in Denver, CO. As a Course facilitator and a professional counselor, Anna offers Miracle Psychotherapeutic Sessions whose purpose is to assist folks in applying the psycho-spiritual principles found in the Course to the everyday struggles we, as human beings, all experience in life.
For more info on scheduling a one-on-one Miracle- Psychotherapeutic Session with Anna via skype or in person, go to annakujawa.com


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