15 Minute Timer – Heartbeat Metronome for Meditation & Relaxation

15 Minute Timer – Heartbeat Metronome for Meditation & Relaxation

How to meditate using this recording

1) Start the recording. Adjust the volume at the first gong.

2) As the countdown begins,
slow your breathing to a comfortable pace,
breathing deeply from below your diaphragm.

Exhale slowly, hold your breath, inhale slowly, hold your breath.
Repeat this pattern.

Each Inhale, Exhale or Hold should be equal in length.
Breath deeply. Breath comfortably.

3) Let go of your thoughts. Focus only on your breathing.
Should any thoughts arise, recognize them, then let them pass.
Do not dwell on them, nor allow them to unfold further.
Focus your attention on your breathing.

4) At the sound of the second gong,
turn your visual attention to a point
at the center of the screen.

5) Relax your eyes to a soft focus; focus on maintaining a
consistent pattern of breathing,
clear your mind of any other tasks, reactions or thoughts.

6) The meditation period is ended when you hear the gong struck a third time.

Please Note:

This recording is provided solely for private use.

It has been created to assist you in your meditative practice.

This recording is to be used only in a location and environment where you will be completely safe during use.

It is not safe to use this meditation aid in any other environment, place or situation.

Be Aware, Be Safe and Be Well.


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