11. the Nature of the Aware Observer – Meditation the Nuts and Bolts

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How to Meditate: The nuts and bolts of meditation
Learn these essential meditation skills to begin your meditation practice

Here you will learn the essential fundamentals of meditation. These are the basic inner skills needed for any meditation practice. And these are the inner skills you will use many years from now as your practice develops. These are the essential nuts and bolts of meditation.

Learning meditation is simple. The basic skills can be conveyed in a few minutes. However, as a beginner, you may discover difficulties. Difficulties in meditation may come in the form of forgetfulness or a wandering mind. These Nuts and Bolts of meditation will help you develop a sound daily meditation practice. Understanding these foundational basics of meditation is essential to your success. This is a good meditation course for beginners.

There are many benefits to meditation. Put simply, meditation restores balance. This new-found balance in the mind and body is good for health and well-being, creativity and insight. Meditation can deepen relaxation and support better sleep. In the workplace, meditation will help you with job satisfaction and improve productivity. Meditation is essential for a healthy and balanced life, just like healthy food and exercise.

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