Headspace, calm, 10% happier, the breathing app, simple habit, aura, happify, stop, breathe and think, smiling mind, mind the bump and insight timer are some of the best meditation apps for parents.

All human beings are bound to behave despicably sometimes, owing to mounting work pressure at stress in the professional sphere. Unbeknownst to us, this can seriously affect our personal lives, striking where it hurts us most. This is even more applicable to people who have children at home. Little kids often wait the entire day just to get a glimpse of you before bedtime. Anyway that you project your foul mood on them can really affect their psyche sand perception. If you wish to control such outbursts, meditation with the help of best guided meditation apps can actually be of great help.

Meditation has proved to be very helpful to working parents but it is not easy to inculcate the concentration required in the process. The best guided meditation apps can help you harness the focus necessary. The very best meditation apps can help you focus on the positive and get rid of negative energy that affects your psyche.

Under any circumstances children can be a handful to deal with. If you are stressed out, meditation can help you manage your personal and professional lives better.
Here are 11 best free meditation apps 2018 that can help you mentally.
If you are a beginner and need more guidance than usual, Headspace can give you the instruction you need. The app also does its best to educate you regarding all the different types and kinds of meditations available, letting you choose the one that is best for you.
It helps you meditate, sleep and relax, making sure that you leave all the fatigue behind, both physically and mentally. The sessions on this app are less instructive, letting you take the reigns and simply guiding you along.
Simple habit:
Simple Habit Meditation is an app devoted solely to cultivating simple habits that can help parents attain a meditative state of mind. It is available for iOS users and comes as an editor’s recommendation in Google Playstore which is a testament to its effectiveness. Countless parents have turned to Simple Habit, one of the best meditation apps of 2018, to restore the peace of mind that they tend to lose.


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