10 Reasons You Should NEVER Meditate

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38 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Should NEVER Meditate

  1. I came to "meditation" by deciding that whatever the situation I am in I should be extremely vigilant for the slightest signs of tension and refuse to give in to them. On first go my breathing got more and more shallow, though I concentrated on the tension; so only became aware of that when I finally felt gloriously free and blissfully relaxed. Seems, for the purpose of becoming ecstatic, that the more CO² in your circulation the better; could be unhealthy and kill off hordes of brain cells ? Well, as far as I can tell, that's just reductive reasoning ( …Ahem ).

    It's certainly better than wasting your money and health on drink, drugs or smoking ? Besides; according to some research I've come across on YouTube, the brain cells that get less than their fair share of Oxygen, say when you get trapped under the ice for long enough and appear to have expired, get plugged by some life-saving ( and brain-cell saving ) substance or other that I forget.

    I forgot to say: quite often, ie when I wake up of a morning or through the night, I have to do the opposite to get back on track with the "meditation" by using the following breath regime, for at least 20 minutes – 1 hour is better still:-

    There are 3 stages in this exercise ( the only exercise I know that gets easier as you go along ! ):

    1) Is inhalation ( obviously )
    2) is Retention ( IMPORTANT – by control of the diaphragm – NOT at the throat )
    3) Controlled Exhalation.

    The main tried and trusted timing for this, after more than 50 years habit is in-the-ratio: One – Four – Two; viz if you allow 5 secs for 1) and 20secs for 2) then 3) will be 10 secs.

    Just "for the hell of it" I occasionally test myself ( AND THE VERACITY OF THE METHOD ) by allowing 15 secs for 1), then 60 secs for 2), and finally 30 secs for 3): so after 63 minutes I will have taken 36 inhalations; ie cycling through 7 minute stages – that are not separate – ie you must start 1) immediately 3) is finished, until you decide you've done enough !

    Does this sound impossible ? It is not so ! The fact that it is possible for 2 hours if you like verifies the principle – by experience alone

    The best way to time yourself is to buy a Jumbo LED wall clock and mount it high on the wall opposite your bed-head; it can light up your room at night too. My habit goes: 1) 10secs – 2) 40secs – 3) 20secs. Of course it can become somewhat boring looking at the clock and it's easy to lose track of your timing; but with practice you can catch up the correct rhythm – it would be tedious to give an example and might confuse. [ Lying in bed is best time, when one is properly relaxed – it's not practical to try during exercise ] Also; if you get up when in full meditation don't expect to be able to run a marathon; you'll be lucky if you can run 10 yards !

    For the sake of error correction: if you start at 4 minutes past the hour then you go through 8 x cycles to get to the next clock hour; thus 4 then 11 then 18 then 25 then 32 then 39 then 46 then 53 then 60. After these are memorised, by simple repetition, then if ( WHEN ) you get out of step you can do the Stan Laurel technique; ie smile vacantly and preen your hair with extended fingers.

    Inde sine dicens: I'm sceptical about the value of physical exercise; especially considering that PT ( physical training ), in my day – 1951-58, included "running on the spot" – if there exists anything more inane than that I don't know what !

  2. At **********2:35**********( approx ): "….if you have(?) a smaller hippocampus you are prone to be depressed…" It seems logical to say that if you are depressed ( whatever that can mean, EXACTLY ), THEN, if you ARE to a specific degree aware of BEING a hippocampus, for the purpose of generating/avoiding depression, how is it possible to look into yourself for assurance that what "Ralph Smart"(?) asserts, by reason of associative circumstantially obtained statistical comparisons that are – usually ( if we are to consider certain criticism regarding their authenticity ) put out by the pharmaceutical industry to promote their products; suggested eg, "mental illness is a chemical imbalance in the brain" ?

    Such irresponsible(?) assertions are ONE GOOD REASON for so-called "meditation", imho. From around September, in Northern UK, I begin to sense a subconscious tendency to what I assume is "depression"; but like ANY experience there seems no way to describe it, nor convey it, nor confer it; so, from the start there is no way to check for its existence ( inde sine dicens, same with our "Meditation" ). So the intrinsic LOGIC of unprovable experience MUST invalidate such assertions; or at least take them with a pinch of salt ?

    Thus, like the supposed benefits of MEDITATION, it's really a case of "suck it( metaphorically or literally ) and see" ?

    Unfortunately Thinking, derived from language presumably, has a strong tendency to confuse terms, designations, definitions, labels and sundry other nomenclature, as absolute pointers to "the real world" instead of associative and highly reductive ways of telling us what is what and what to do about it. As the late great R D Laing says, in one of his books, "I am NOT my name !" So if we pay too much obedient attention to individuals with persuasive voices uploading videos to YouTube we might well give in to doubt sufficiently erroneously to get harmed ?

    I feel protected sufficiently by a certain grasp of logic, admittedly subjective – as is all opinion, NOT to take R S seriously; yet, just having watched this video a certain doubt, inevitably creeps in; simply because I ( WE ) exposed my ( OUR ) psyche to it. Is this "guy" a rogue or a benefactor ? If he is the latter then how does he gauge his worth as such in abstract Dollars and Cents; and can we assume the mere presence of Currency and its universal desirability doesn't cloud the issue by becoming an end in itself, where those with the mostest wield the greatest persuasive authority; instead of the life sustaining circulation of civilised existence, indifferently incorporated ?

    Note to Self: 1 other reply under "11mothernature". Another under "Hayden Acott". Again under "Shauna O Brien"

  3. Sir: I have a doubt.I feel like I'm not a concius?
    .I do not know the other people quickly and easily. Whatever work I'm slow down is note as corrupt as other people think I'm wrong.I did a lot of search in Google And I get some, it's similar. But not At first I thought ADHD to me and I use drugs without telling anyone. Iam taking medicines (adr|nol) when iam conscius so much but that's only a week.so I stopped .
    And then I'm meditating so much that I have a lot of night dreams. So I saw a dream in which I look out for the sun I wakeup and I go to looking the sun. I laughed a lot at that time .after I felt like I was a lot of conscius..So I began to look on Daily and understood all my faults without doing so But that's just 1 hour.And I did not feel primal therapy for a week or so
    So I will become unconscious again.
    What is the reason for this?
    I am ready to look at what

  4. is he actually a certified, licensed psychologist by the APA or the like? because there's a huge difference between the accreditation in that and like…a holistic counselor

  5. Oh my word. Smiling forever happy to have stumbled across this. I remember how I used to watch your videos religiously, when I was in varsity a few years ago and I don't know how I lost track and stopped watching. Thank you so much for the humour, the insight and inspiration. Much love from South Africa.

  6. Nice Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried – Marnaavid Unexplainable Intervention (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a great one of a kind guide for learning how to hack your flow state minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate at very last got astronomical results with it.

  7. Actually because I was a very curious child and always questioned about my surroundings and existence. I obtain "higher level of consciousness" or "enlightenment" a different way. After gathering resources, doing research about the understanding of universe. I've achieve that sort of "enlightenment" through logic reasoning and deep thinking. Then I found out there was actually a branch of science that has been already created that involve this type of thinking. It is called Metaphysics. Therefore for those who wants to be very successful in life, please spend time studying Metaphysics. Meditation works but it is fools gold. The real gold is Metaphysics.

  8. I experienced something strange some type of force was either trying to communicate with me or was hovering over me I actually thought it was in the same room until I ended my meditation session what was that ???

  9. What's this then? I was expecting an objective summary of reasons not to meditate. Instead, this is a list of reasons to do meditatie, phrased in a manner which complements the title of the video.

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