10-min Guided Meditation on Self-Care (Focus on "Metta" or Loving Kindness) Excerpt

For more details on how to join The Sanctuary, a monthly mindfulness membership program, to practice guided meditations, breathing techniques and gentle yoga with me for $19.99/month, visit https://alisonlessardmindfulness.com/practice-with-me/

I created The Sanctuary to make mindfulness practices and slowing down in life as easy and accessible as possible. All of my guided meditation and gentle yoga classes range from 5 to 30 minutes and you’re able to practice from the comfort of your own home, on your schedule. My approach is fun, laid-back and meant for beginners who are new to meditation and yoga or practitioners seeking an affordable, accessible way to practice gentle flows from anywhere with no props or very minimal props (like a blanket and a few throw pillows if needed for comfort). Bottom line – my mission is to help people incorporate a daily mindfulness practice to start to reap the benefits of being present, breathing and slowing down for at least 5 minutes a day! It made me an overall happier, less reactive and more compassionate human and I want to share how meaningful these practices have been for me personally by creating them for people to access worldwide on this virtual platform.


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